Sunday, 24 April 2011

Santa Claus came late this year...

Gotta love unexpected income. Despite the fact i wanted to wait that i painted what i bought before buying anything new, i couldn't stop myself.

So i purchased ;
2xSavage Orcs Box
1xSquig herd blister. (For temporary Squig Manglers)
1xGoblin Fanatic (old metal models, Whirling Death. for 12$, i couldnt resist).

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wurrzag Part 4 . Finished for now

I decided to stop working on Wurrzag for now. My attempt at finding color, or painting them failed so far, and since he's a character, i dont really wanna mess up the paint by trying new stuff. Here is how he look so far, and how he'll most likely look for a few weeks.

So until i feel confident about my choice, i got myself a box of Savage Orc today. Some pretty nice looking plastic models, easy to fit, and the joints are almost invisible. Still undecided if i'll try to cover up a very tiny gap, or if i'll just paint him as is.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Wurrzag Part 3

I completed most of the body, with only the staff left to paint, and the warpaint.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wurrzag Part 2

Did a little more work over the past day on good ol' Wurrzag.

I painted his mask's wood. I'm pretty happy about the jaw look, but the rest will most likely need to be redone. I did some attempt at glowing, but failed miserably, so he'll just have standard eye. OSL is still too out of my league.

Monday, 4 April 2011

New Book, New Models, Lets get on painting!

Past weeks were quite eventful ;
- Painted for an upcoming tournament (which i failed to complete, btw)
- Participated in said big local tournament
- Orcs and Goblins release...

Wait, what? Yes yes, another army. My wallet is already crying, and my mind is already flying. It was, lets face it, a pretty small release, but the model included were simply amazing.  The savage orcs are imho very nicely sculpted (still badly painted, but that's a whole other story), Warzugg is also a very nice model, and the arachnarok..... wow.

But since i dont want to get involved in a new army that i lose interest in (kinda like my Ogres, sadly), i decided to start slow, and purchase one model. From there, i'll decide if i like the look enough for another box. And after that box, i'll ask myself again if i want to invest in that army...

So i went and got myself Warzugg, the "lets-turn-all-caster-into-squiggies" crazy head-dancing around the fire Orc. After roughly 3 night worth of works, here is what i have accomplished so far ;

I really (REALLY) enjoyed him so far, and i'm really looking forward to start my Savage Orcs horde