Monday, 18 July 2011

Storm of Magic Review

This isnt really a battle report about a game of Storm of Magic, but more of a review of the expansion (lets call it that way).

First, the context. My friend and I decided to test a game of Storm of Magic, based sorely on the model we own (so no big mammoth, no imperial dragon, etc). 4000 pts was the size decided, after considering how much we'd need to spend on Lord and Heroes for mages (how wrong were we...). I was playing Warrior of Chaos (for the first time ever), and my friend was playing Skaven.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


After many weeks/months slowly painting Savage Orc, i decided to take a break from the green tide, and concentrate on something different, to break a bit from the "monotony" of always painting the samething things.

I searched a bit, focusing on Australian (to work with my "sub-theme" of australian aboriginal), and found, what i think is one of the best looking spider i could find ; the Gasteracantha cancriformis.

Not living strickly in australia, but found there also (thanks to wiki), the white, black and red could really work with the Arachnarok, with just the "tender bits" left to find a color (most likely some sort of light pink skin)

So for the next few weeks, expect to see alot of spider... lets call it Spider Weeks

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Druzzt nearly finished

Druzzt ended up being really fun to paint. I tried some different approach with the brush, and i think it's gonna be one of my best painted Orc so far. When i built him, the idea was to have him as my Savage Warboss, but i chaged my mind afterward, as he's not impressive enough to deserve that role.

I'm hoping to have him finished before friday, and hopefully start on the 5th this weekend.

And the usual group shot of what i got so far.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Nurgle Ogres Part 1

It's funny how some things happens. I ran out of green stuff while working on a project, and since i didnt want to buy the Games Workshop's one (which is, imho, a ripoff compared to what you can get from just about anywhere else), i decided to try out that Brown stuff i had, but never used.

After using it to Nurgling my Ogre, i gotta say that i really love how easy it is to work with it. It stick much easier on plastic, and its also much easier to smoother it up. It literally feels miles ahead of green stuff i used before.

I've never painted, nor green stuffed Chaos or Nurgle, so all this was pretty new to me. I based myself on the current Nurgle Ogres from FW for wounds and gifts, and various other model from Games Workshop. The final result is something that seems never done. I added stuff each night for the past 4-5 days, and i think it could used another 2-3 days before being called finished.

Considering i might never use them after the Build'n'Bash tournament, i might just not spend that much more time on them. As of right now, i think they already look Chaos enough.

Savage Black Orc Part 1

Savage Black Orc might sound weird, especially when you know how  different breed those two are, but to follow my theme, and avoid any and all metalwork, i figured that making a Black Orc from a Savage Orc would keep the theme, visually at least.

For now i'm considering using only 1, a Lord, as my General, avoiding my 1000 pts unit to go stupid and miss their animosity test. If once painted i like the result, i might consider trying to make a whole unit of them.

This one, still unnamed, has a few things i'm not completely sold on ;
1- Weapon's arm guard. Would have looked better if the bones were going the same direction as the arm, or maybe smaller.
2- Head. The Jaw armor really works to make a savage version of the Black Orc, but the problem is that nothing is protecting his head, which he should have. But right now, i have no idea what would work. I though about a skull, but what kind? i dont know.

So here's the pictures.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Calzag Part 3 ; Finally finished

Well, Calzag was quite a challenge. The Big Stabba gave me all kind of problem, the stone being far too big to use my current technique to highlight it. The wood was also a big problem, as it is neither flat or has any real detail. I think i did an OK job with it, and i hope that the job i did with the rest of the model will keep eyes away from his big weapon.

3 Completed, 1 primed, 1 built.... still lots to go, but as always, there's no time frame, so all i can say is that i hope i can finish the next one, Druzzt, within the next month.

Here's a picture of the fab 5.