Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Presentation Tray WIP #2

Last night i decided to start my Presentation Tray, since i have very little left to paint this week, and i doubt i'll have any time to do anything next week (with the drone release and all). So i started to do the basic, without any clue on how i'll finish it.
First, what i was aiming for ;

Monday, 25 February 2013

Daemon of Chaos 8th ed book ; idea on lists

With the new book less than a week away, i have to reconsider my list for the upcoming ND Open (50+ players).

Nurgle Carnival - Herald BSB Finished

Last night i pretty much finished my Herald of Nurgle BSB, finishing the banner, and fixing up some small details. He's not perfect (i couldnt say i consider any of my work to be perfect), but he's very well presentable, and actually does stand head and shoulders above the rest of the Plague bearers.
I'm saying this because in the WD, there was something funny about the new herald, sayign it stands head and shoulder above the rest, when he's EXACTLY the same size as a standard PB.
Anyway, here's some pictures


Friday, 22 February 2013

Presentation Tray WIP #1, the idea

This weekend, i'm starting the work on my Presentation Tray.

I had many ideas, that changed through the process of painting my idea ;

a Circus camp at the bottom of an hill with a few house at the top as if there was a city nearby.
a big circle (or three), with circus tent covering part of it.

I finally settled for something less complicated ; a swamp, plain and simple.

But since it would be just too easy to throw some water effect on a green painted sheet of styrofoam, i decided to go a little more complicated.

The idea is to have something "engraved" on the terrain. The phrase "Why so serious?" was planned from the start, to show somewhere on the presentation tray. After all, this army is not aimed at being competitive, it's aimed as a heavily themed army (Nurgle Only + Nurgle Carnival), so, whenever my opponent feels like being a dick competitive opponent to me, i could just look at him with a smile and ask him "Why so serious?"

But just a phrase is too easy still. Someone gave me the idea of using a nurgle symbol on the tray, specifically, the fly. Since i'm already planning on using 3 fly banner as objective, why not also use it on my presentation tray?

So here's the goal ;

Excuse the very poor mspaint drawing (btw, the symbol is stolen from a search on google, sorry for the author

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Great Unclean One Based and Finished!

After my test base and my nurgling, i decided to try my method on my Great Unclean One (especially the bloody part of the base). The final result, just like my Plague bearer, is disgusting (imho), in a nurgle kind of way.

Look at me mah! i'm all painted!

Click the link for more pictures...

Nurgle Carnival : Nurgling done.

After a successful test base, i decided to finish my nurgling base today. I have to say i'm very happy with the final result ; its both disgusting and nice enough for enjoyment.

Click the link to see more.....

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Herald BSB

Despite the rumors of a new Nurgle Herald due early in march, i decided to make my own for the time being (and just in case the rumor are actually false).

My goal was to use the "cheap" Nurgle Chaos Lord for Warrior of Chaos, and turn him into a relatively fat Plaguebearers.

So here is what i started up with

Obviously, he's not really Daemon material with his big axe, his helm, his armor and his chainmail. So i decided to try and make him look more daemonic.

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #11

Getting closer and closer to a finished army!

I put the "final" touch on my last bunch of Plaguebearers (all 12 of thems!), bringing the total to 70 fully painted Plague bearers.

70 Plaguebearers in all their glory

Let's have a look at the new addition ;

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rottus (Festus) Finished!

Late last night i completed my first herald, based on Festus model. Very nice model, full of details and plenty of different texture, bump and crevice for many different technics.

Who's next?

Took me awhile to decide if i wanted to do OSL on his bottles or not. I decided to go for the glow effect, and i have to say i'm very happy with the result.

Was so tempted to put some kind of keg's tap at the bottom of his backpack...

Funny enough, i painted LOTS over the years, but it was the first time i had true fleshtone to paint...

I went very dark with the staff details, but i didnt want to load up the model with even more colors...

It was also my first true nurgling to paint. I finally decided to go for a yellow color, with shading based on purple color. I really like the end result. It's a bit candy looking, but i think it mixt well with the greenish skintone of my plaguebearers...

Friday, 1 February 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #10 and Festus

With a little over a month left for my challenge of painting 2500 pts before ND Open V (February is such a small month), i decided to give it a go and try to finish as much as possible within the next 7 days. I'm on daddy duty (thanks to my wife working at night), so it won't really be a marathon, but i'm hoping to paint a good 4-5 hours a night for a week, and try to finish what's left on my desk.

Talking about my desk, here's what's on it right now ;

3 Nurgling base, Epidemius, 12 Plaguebearers, and Festus.... errr... Rottus!