Wednesday, 5 March 2014

ND VI - Battle Report #1

Past weekend, i went at a 6 games tournament with my freshly painted Dark Elf Army, knowing full well i didn't play enough game with that list, or with the new book.

I brough a list that left little to no surprise, and here it is ;


Supreme Sorceress
lvl4 of life
Dispel Scroll
Ironcurse Icon
Talisman of Preservation

Death Hag
Battle Standard Bearer
Cauldron of Blood
Obsidian Blade

Dark Pegasus
Cloak of Twilight
Heavy Armor + Sea Dragon Cloak + Shield + Lance

2x5 Dark Riders
Repeater Crossbow + Shield

30 Witch Elves
Full command
Razor Standard

21 Executionners
Full command
Gleaming Pendant

Bloodwrack Shrine

2x5 Doomfire Warlocks
Master of Warlocks.