Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #8 : Putrid Blightking done!

Tonight i put the final touch on my Putrid Blightking, finishing them for now. I'm still considering doing some edge highlight on the armor, but i really like the color right now, and i'm really affraid i'll screw up the color.

First, a shot of the cloth done

Monday, 24 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #7.5

Tonight, not much work to show up, except, early christmas!!

From left to right ;
2 boxes of Warrior of Chaos
1 Box of Warshrine
1 Box of Chariot of Chaos
3 boxes of Plaguebearers
1 Box of Putrid Blightking

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #7 : Details work

This weekend was a pretty big weekend, so i got at beast 2 or 3 hours of me times, which was just enough to finish all the metals on the models, and i'm pretty happy with the final result. Once again, Games Workshop really seems to love using washes, and i had to deviate a bit from their tutorial to get something that i liked...


Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #6 : Armour done!

Armor in the end was alot faster than expected. The biggest challenge was deciding if i wanted to follow GW's or not.... in the end, i decided not. Mainly because as much as they say that dirty (read here : heavily washed) color is more nurgle, i disagree. So i went a slightly different route and, well, here's the result!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #5 : Armour begins

Didn't get as much painting as i wanted tonight, mainly since i tried the new pre-released game Mordheim.

But i still started, again, following games workshop own advice ;

And my own takes on this ;

First the color to be used ;

Once again, i am faced with doing the job twice, with 2 basecoat used. to bring more color, which means that we shouldnt usually see any castellan green. I'm not entirely sold on it, and i think i might do some feathering with Nurgling Green... I love their choice of color, but i hate that all they did on the armor is basecoat, wash heavily then edge highlight....

Anyway, here's my first basecoat, which should dissapear after the 2nd color....

I really like how they are coming together, the skin is growing more and more on me.

So this is it for tonight. Tomorrow i hope to be able to get a solid nurgling green color over the armor, and i seriously think i'll leave some spot castellan green, since its such a good looking green.

The Unsinkables WIP #4 : Skin done!

I finally did it! the skin is done, after many, many hours, and many, many paint pot. The end result is well above what i was hoping for, since i wasn't expecting that much out of it, especially after the first 3 colors...

The following step was starting to add red around injuries, pustule, and open wound. That's something i was used to, since i did it on my plaguebearers as well. I tried to add only a small tint, but around some pustule (like the right guy boobs), it just dried very dark.

The next step was starting to pick up pustule from the red spot. That's where the gross look really starts for me. Again, nothing out of the ordinary compared to what i did on my plaguebearers.

A close up of what the model looked like at this stage. Obviously, such large picture shows alot of flaws on my techniques, but i really like the look, especially the belly and the face.

Here's a picture of how complexe the skin really is... alot of red, purple, white-ish, brown... it really looks diseased.

I never pretended to be a good picture taker... this is the first highlight on all the pustule. Making them pop really helps with the overall looks.

I really started to love this model... the face, the belly, the back, everything ooze nurgle.

Last layer on the pustule. I am leaving them as is for now, since i dont want to start the blood until everything is done, and i have no shine to add to the pustules right now.

And finally, pictures of each one of the 5 putrid blightkings i painted so far ;

With some luck, tomorrow i'm starting on the armor, again following Games Workshop scheme.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #3

Today i went four step further into painting the Putrid Blightkings skin, and no, they're not finished yet!

First the video of how they do it ;

Onto the process ;

Monday, 17 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #2

So last weekend, i spent a few hours looking at Games Workshop videos on painting both the Maggoth Lord and the Putrid Blightking. I'm usually not a big fan of their painting, but i have to say, those tutorial were really interesting. The uses of color is something i didn't think of, and the end result is really nurglish enough for me.

So while those paint scheme are not likely to teach me any new technique, i like the end result, and its all that matter.

So first, the color required. I spent about 150$ last weekend buying new Citadel paint... all in all, i have about 60 pots of the new citadel right now, and they are quickly replacing my Model Air by Vallejo.

It's ALOT of color just to get a skin tone. Most of them make sense, the druchii violet and carroburg crimson used only for nurgle stuff...

First layer. One thing i noticed about the videos is that they prime black, only to paint over it with a light base color to lighten the "true" base color... i came to wonder why they didnt just prime white? I guess it helps hide the spot you can't reach with a brush, but still.

Second Layer. It's a very, very light flesh color, close to old bronze flesh.

So far, its all that i have achieved in roughly 2 1/2 hours (the other 3 are painted as well, just not showing). Next post should cover the first wash and the following cover-up.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #1

This weekend i started working on my army, after getting a great bit of inspiration from both GMM Studios and Sproket. I wanted a boat, which is nice and all, but it did very little to link the army together, so i decided to make them more.... Watery? Sea worthy? Like a bunch of guys who been at seas forever?


First, a picture of the current family ; Bloab, Morbidex, Gotrut Spume and 5 BlightKing.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

For Sale : Dark Elf Army

To fund new project, i'm selling my 2500ish pts Dark Elf army.

Here's the list ;



Cauldron of Blood

30 Witches

10 Dark Rider

25 Executionner

10 Warlocks

1 Bloodwrack Shrine

Here's some pictures ;

More pictures available upon request.

The price ;
1000$. shipping not included, but magnetized tray included.

2400 : A warrior of Chaos End Time list

With End Times : Glottkin released, now is time to plan my next army. I really wanted to do a Vampire Army for 2015, but decided against it. Not because i lack ideas, but mainly because sculpting zombies didn't really appeal to me right now. I also considered starting over my Ogres army, but again, this was a very big conversion project, and i want to take my time to do each one right.

So here is my 3rd choice, a WoC army based on End Times :Glottkin. Why based on Glottkin? Because i will most likely end up using this one for my army background, and also i'll be sporting quite a few models from the book.

Here's a look at my list ;


Bloab Rotspawned

Probably the most expensive lvl3 mage, Blob is an amazing miniature (can we really call it that, considering its size?), and a pretty impressive close combat fighter (considering he's a mage!). There's really no reason for me to get any other mage beside him. And, he's my anti-armor shooting platform!

Morbidex TwiceBorn

Moribex is my general... at leadership 8, its gonna be a rocky rides, i know. But he's the only lord from the End Times that i can take who has any kind of saves  against warmachine, and warmachine scares me. I play this game to throw dice. If my ennemy can kill my whole army before i reach CC, it kinda kills the fun....


Exalted Heroes
Mark of Nurgle
Battle Standard Bearer
Scaled Skin
Great Weapon

At leadership 8, i think a BSB is pretty mandatory. Even at leadership 10 it is, in fact. He's a pretty standard "cheap" build, with just a 2+ armor saves, and a great weapon.


17 Warrior of Chaos
Mark of Nurgle
Full Command

16 Warrior of Chaos
Mark of Nurgle
Full Command

 Two relatively big blocks of Warriors with halberd. My army isnt fast, so there's really no reason to get anything that goes faster than M4. I would love to take dogs, but they can't be marked Nurgle, and Glottkin doesnt care much for unmarked foo's!


Chaos Warshrine
Mark of Nurgle

The gift givers, he's gonna be 6 dicing his boundspell till his head explodes. My goal isnt really to get a daemon prince (oh god, i need to build one in case!), but to try and improve my two lords into something even better. Bloab or Morbidex with an extra toughness, armor saves or weapon skills can really make them monster...

Gorebeast Chariot
Mark of Nurgle

A... chariot? Really? Yes! the Gorebeast chariot is such a beast, there's no reason not to take at least one! He has the toughness and wounds to take a punishment without dieing, and is strong enough to help anyone in trouble quickly.

5 Putrid Blightkings
Full Command

5 Putrid Blightkings
Full Command

 two unit of 5? yes. But they're only infantry? yes. They are broken, and not in a good way. What obviously should been at least monstrous infantry got the tag infantry only, so they can be stomped, they can be dreaded 13th-ed, they can be cannon-ed easily. But the models are amazing, and i love good looking models!

So right at 2393 pts. This list is pretty set in stone, except that i might switch Bloab and Morbidex for Glottkin, replacing at the same time my Chariot for a scroll caddy (i seriously need defense against purple sun with that monster I1). Both are considered, especially considering that Glottkin gets automatically +1 Wardsave on the Eye of the God tables, which make the warshrine a must have to get him to 4+ asap (if someone has fire, otherwise regen is good enough).

My goal is to start painting this army by mid-november, and hopefully be done by mid-february, just in time for a big event around here.