Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nurgle Carnival (2500 pts)

Over the last 3 weeks, i been working hard getting a new army together.

I've talked alot about it, and finally decided to start it after the model finally going plastic.

I'm talking about Nurgle Carnival.

As of right now, i have 21 Plaguebearers ready (out of.... 90-100), with plans for about 60 of them, so there should be alot of variety on each of my units.

First, lets look at the list. I know that Daemons are due sooner than later, but with Games Workshop finally closing any chance of rumors on books to come, i have to work with the conviction that the new book will not be released before our next big events, which is planned to happen in March.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

First tournament under 6th edition (1500-1650 pts)

I played my first "tournament" this weekend with my Dark Eldar at a friendly 40k day down at the store. I brought my Dark Eldar to try and see how well they can do outside my basement (my previous games were all agains my friend Orks).

I'm pretty proud to say that i went 2 wins and 1 draw with a far from competitive list (at least, imho).

Here's what i brought ;