Friday, 16 December 2011

Mournfang and Thundertusk update #2

I did some more work on my thundertusk and my mournfangs. Basically what i did was paint the skin and the furless body part (for lack of better term). I wanted to go for a very weird choice, and i really don't know why ; going from Codex grey, up to some sort of pink. I'm pretty happy with the result, the gray basecoat really give the shadows a nice touch, at least i think, and makes everything pop.

First, the Thundertusk's face ;
I'm very happy with how it came out. I think there's alot of depth to the skin color. I know about the white overspray on his horn, but when i noticed it, it was too late to clean it up, and i really just dont want to redo them again. On this picture, you c an also see the airbrush work i did on the horn and his shoulder defense. It's nothing professional, but i think it shows i'm going in the right direction.

Next, thundertusk's body ;
I went with the same color, trying to highlight what the light would hit, while keeping as much grey as possible. It worked out ok, agains imho.

Mournfang's face ;
I wouldnt consider it completely done, but it shows at least what the skin color will be like.. On him, i think it is a bit too dark, i should have highlighted more.

And Mournfang's body shot ;
It really stand out from the fur, but i think its a good thing. Still lots of work to do, but it's definately heading the right way, at least i hope.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Ogres FAQ is out. Review

So, an early christmas present from Games Workshop, finally a FAQ for our beloved army book. I'll be quite frank with you, i wasn't expecting much out of it gamewise, as i was playing with common sense instead of interpreting rules to our advantage. For example, i wasnt giving my Slaughtermaster armor, because i didnt want to have to modify my list if the FAQ ruled against it. Same goes for Ironblaster Stand and Shoot, and, well, pretty much every gray area of our book.

Link to FAQ


2 very big change imho.

First, Runemaw finally ruled that it does not bounce our buff spells, making it a really interesting choice for a BSB. Would i change my defensive BSB to get that banner? not entirely sure.

Second big change, Slaughtermaster now allowed to take Great Weapons. This gives us a chance to get another heavy hitter in our list. My usual build of Fencer's blade might be jeopardized because of this.


Many big things here..

- Slaughtermaster allowed magical armor. This means our SM can now wear Fencer's blade + Glittering Scale, for the return of the unhittable General.

- Confirmation that Numbing Chill affect models, and not units. I always played it that way, and i have to say i kinda hate the fact they ruled it that way. It slows considerably the flows of the game.

- Greedy Fist affecting ranged attack. Another big one, considering spells could be counted as ranged attacks. Death now seems like a very nice choice to get ride of opposing caster.

- BSB can now take Big Name, even with a magical banner. Ok, big name are pretty much useless now, but for a second ranked BSB with a Great Weapon, giving him a +1 STR sound like a nice Monster killer.

Final Thoughs

Pretty happy with the FAQ, even if i think SM with armor, and greedy fist is kind of too much. Our book is already pretty strong, giving it any more buff could/would turn them into a powerhouse, which i don't really want to see happens. I was happy when i was the only Ogre players around... doesnt look like it'll happen again anytime soon.

Mournfang and Thundertusk update

A pretty eventful last few days. First, my wife gave birth to our third daughter, Ophélie, weighting 9 pounds and 1 oz, thursday at 2am.

So i am now officially on "vacation" until January 9th.

I had a few hours of sleepless night to continue working on my Ogres, and made some significant progress on all my new models.

First, i worked on my thundertusk's fur, leather and horns.I'm still in a very early learning process with my airbrush, so nothing is really easy, or done on first try, so everything takes even longer than usual. I went for a look i didnt really consider at first. I wanted a frosty look, with blue hue on the fur and whatnot. Instead, i went for a very dirt-like palette, with some strong brown and such. It's still pretty far from complete, but i have to say that i'm about 80% happy with its look.

Whats left ;
- Finish his grey flesh. I want to add some pink to it. So it won't be as gray. I might go as far as to try to mimic muscle.
- Finish his metal plating all around. I'm still unsure how i'll do metal on my new models, so its the main reason i didnt start it yet. The shield on each shoulder are pretty much complete, but i painted them in a way i couldnt achieve with a brush.
- Finish his face. Still unsure what color to go for. I'm thinking something gray and slightly pink, like his wounds, but i'm not 100% sure yet.
- Paint the ogres. Obviously, the mounted ogres are not done, or even started yet. I'm still questionning myself if i want to change my skin color or not. Will most likely not (since my firebelly is already painted the same color as my old models), but there's still alot of question marks around them.

Second, my mournfang. I tried something different with them and still not entirely sure how much i like it. I went for a dark underside, as if it was in the shadow, but it ended up just looking like different fur color around the body, which is fine with me. With a white highlight, the fur really looks different, and depending on how i pull the rest of the models, it should be a pretty nice looking unit.

What's left ;
- Finish the leather. It only has the basecoat. Still undecided how to do it. I really liked how i did my thundertusk, but i tried something different on another piece, and i really enjoyed the look.
- Paint the face and furless skin. Once again, unsure the color i'll be using. I'll probably approach it and it's face like the Thundertusk's.
- Paint the teeth. Still undecided how i'll approach them. I'm thinking of avoiding painting them like my thundertusk's horn, since, well, they're teeth.

And the duo.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Some Painting done

A pretty big hiatus. I failed to find any motivation to paint, or, i found many reason not to. My biggest one was waiting on my airbrush, to change the world. Once it arrived, it was a matter of waiting for the Vallejo paint to arrive. And now, i don't know. I just want to play the hell out of my Ogres, beat people to pulp, and appreciate each massacre. But i still plan on having a completely painted army by March, with quite a few big piece left to paint, and a big display board to make.

Display board is #1 priority. I want something that people will look at and go wow. But again, excuses. I do not own anything to cut styrofoam, nor do i have any tray to put it all on. I'd even go as far as to say that i still do not know what list i'll bring, so making a presentation tray for it is pretty hard.

I know, its all excuses.

But its not all bad, i still worked relatively hard when i found motivation, to have a few new piece under work.

2500 pts, trying a new list.

I been part of alot of experimentation the past 5-6 games ; Leadbelchers, Yhetees, Golgfag, Tyrant, Beast/Heaven Butcher, Firebelly, Thundertusk, Ironguts vs Bulls, etc...

Many things worked, some didnt.

Monday, 14 November 2011

2500 pts Tournament results

Yesterday, i participated in a bi-monthly tournament at my local store. 8 showed up.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Trying new toys

After taking my first loss last week with the new book, i decided to take the challenge of playing only with Ogres models. No warmachine, no monster, not even dogs. With this list i aim at trying a few different thing i didnt get to play yet with the new book ; Tyrant, Leadbelchers and Maneaters.

The list is definately gonna miss a bit of raw strenght from cannon and Monsters, but a hard as nail tyrant coupled with a lvl4 Beast could really turn the tide of a battle quick.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Maneaters unit under construction

I started working on a unit of Maneaters. My plan is to get a circus tent in my presentation tray, with a freak show unit of maneater. It's more a joke unit than something serious, so dont expect anything "wow", especially considering my GS talent....

I'm currently aiming for 10 maneaters, even tho my list can never get above 9 without too much restriction.

Monday, 24 October 2011

2 More games of Ogre Kingdoms

The past weekend, i managed to get a few hours off home, and played 2 games at a local event.

I roughly brough this list ;

1 Slaughtermaster
Fencers Blade
Crown of Command
Dragonbane Gem
Dispel Scroll

4+ Wardsave
Heavy Armor
Ironcurse Icon

1 Firebelly
lvl2 Wizard
Hell Heart

9 Ironguts
Full Command
Standard of Discipline

6 Bulls

10 Gnoblar

4 Mournfang Cavalry
Full Command
Heavy Armor + Ironfist
Dragonhide Banner

3x1 Sabertusk

2x Scraplauncher

2x Ironblaster

Monday, 10 October 2011

Low Rider Mournfang cavalry

Before i opened my first mournfang box, i saw a very nice thread talking about lowering the rider on the mournfang, and i immediately decided i wanted those too. I just found it weird how the Ogre was standing on the mournfang, considering the speed at which the little cat run.

So i built my first two, with all kind of problem with the saddle, and ended up with a relatively successful conversion. It's not perfect, and i know a few thing i could add that would improve it, but overall, i was really happy with the final product.

But then my 2 other boxes arrived, and now i'm reconsidering the whole idea of low rider.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

New edition = New Theme

When a new armybook comes up, alot of things happens ; Players start a new one, dust off their old army, or just upgrade a current one. In my case its a little of the last two.

I've just spent a good chunk of money on upgrading my army, purchasing everything i need to be able to play everything i want in a 3000 pts game (even if we pretty much never play that high, more around 2500 pts). Just like a kid on christmas....

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Too much time on my hand, or working far away from home, and my toys.

I'm spending another week away from home, away from my wife, my kids and my warhammer crack. It's the second time in 3 week this happens, and should happen once more before november. It definately slow down my building process, but there's still at least one good news ; a big order is on the way, left the warehouse yesterday, and i'm hoping to have lots of work to do when i get home on saturday. I ordered ;

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

First Ogres Kingdoms games under new book.

I would never consider Storm of Magic a good bareme when it comes to figuring out what work and what doesnt in an army, but i played my Ogres last sunday in 2 games of Storm of Magic (3000 pts + 750 pts of SoM), and here's how i fared.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ogre Rumors Round 3.

A few more rumor to entertain us while waiting for the new book...

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

An Ogre Odissey

Back in late 2008, i decided to start playing Ogre Kingdoms, mainly because i didnt want to have to paint 200 models worth 3-5 pts each. As everyone know, Ogres weren't really a powerhouse back in 7th ed. I still managed to play 46 games, winning very rarely. Once 8th ed came out, all of a sudden Ogres were able to win, and fun followed.

Ogre Rumors Round 2.

Someone, not sure if it was a good idea, posted most of the rules last night on many forum. Unlucky for me, i only managed to get a few glimpse of what was said, but i still managed to get a few good information.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ogre Kingdoms Rumors

With a new book just around the corner, rumors from everywhere start pouring in, giving us hints as what is coming for the Ogre Kingdoms. To give you a rough idea of my background as an Ogre Player, here's a recap of my games so far ;

46 games under 7th ed rulebook. 10-4-32
36 games under 8th ed rulebook. 23-3-10

Lord and Heroes.

The biggest news is the Firebelly, an Ogre Mage using fire, with fire attack and a S4 breathe. I can easily see that one in most list, especially to kill anything with regen (just think of him hitting before a whole unit of Ironguts, removing the regen for the S6 attacks that follow). For something around 120 pts, he's definately a taker.

Another big news is in our magic phase, where all spells are apparently no longer RiP, but instead stays until next magic phase. This is something i'm not a big fan of, as it remove our ability to stack up buff, and force opponent to use his Power Dice to dispel some of our buff. Lets just say its gonna completely change how i see Ogre's Magic. The Lore attribute is really nice ; After casting a spell, on a 2+ you regain a wound, and gain +1 to cast the next spell.

The second big news about magic is that we can now have Death, Heavens and Beast. A quick rundown of each lore, and what it means to us Ogres ;

Death ; What once was our bane is now our allies.

Spirit Leech : considering our leadership is usually decent, it could prove useful against weaker race (like Skaven for example). Useful? not really.

Aspect of the DreadKnight : need to use the big version, as almost everything in our army cause fear. Terror on 9+ ? could have its use.

Caress of Laniph : good spell against low S ennemy character. Most of the time won't kill a character outright, but just do enough to be considered (especially against Pendant of Khaeleth user).

Soulblight : -1S -1T is nice, to make a combat even more in our favor.

Doom and Darkness : -3 Ld is nice, especially coupled with our Fear causing units.

Fate of Bjuna : another good spell against low E ennemy character.

Purple Sun : not sure anyone would risk using it, and misfiring.

Overall : Death is a lore i never bother with, as its not really easy to kill a character with wardsave. But i think it could definately work well with Ogres, with just 3 dubs spell.

Heavens : Outside of the comet, who can name a spell from that lore? I couldnt until last night when i failed to dispel a Chain Lightning with my Dark Elfs.

Iceshard Blizzard : -1 to hit is nice, especially since most of our army is WS3. Finally, everyone else will hit us on 4 (6 if they fail their fear test). A pretty useful hex when you're running out of wounds.

Harmonic Convergence : Rerolling 1s is nice, but situational. Of course, if you have 3 ironguts rolling 6 1s to wound, you'll be happy to reroll them, but it would be pretty low in my "must cast" list.

Wind Blast : too situational to be considered.

Curse of the midnight wind : this can be nice against low Strenght, low WS or poisoned attack. But just like Harmonic Convergence, too situational to be considered.

Urannon's Thunderbolt : Magic missile too strong for simple infantry, and too weak for monsters.

Comet of Casandora : a nice anti artillery spell, whenever it falls.

Chain lightning : It's good, and with some good rolls, it can keeps on going and going and going, etc...

Overall : Maybe a lvl2 with the signature spell would be useful, but i wouldnt spend more on that lore.

Beast : a nice mixt of Hex, Buff and Direct Damage.

Wyssan's Wildform : +1 S/T. This turn a unit of bulls into killer machine quite easily.

Flock of Doom : low S magic missile. Useful? not sure.

Pann's Impenetrable Pelt : Not sure its gonna be that much needed with our character already at least T5...

Amber Spear : Not that impressive magic missile, except with the upgraded version. But then, you'd hate rolling a 1 on your first to-wound.

Curse of Anraheir : the good ol' -1 to-hit. Still like it, and in a much stronger lore than Iceshard Blizzard.

Savage beast of horros : How to turn a mage into a tyrant. I like it, and i'm sure my opponent will hate it.

Transformation of Kadon : Not sold on that.

Overall : The buff are nice. Can they beat what Gut magic offers? not sure.

So yes, 3 extra lore is nice, but Heavens might be left out from the start.

Magic Item are still pretty much unknown, except the hellheart that now cause miscast automatically to all ennemy mage within 5D6. This and a dispel scroll can definately turn a magic heavy army into something manageable easily. As soon as you have a difficult magic phase, use dispel scroll. Once that's done, you have another "easy way out" with the Hellheart, hoping for at least a good D6 less Power Dice, or at best, a dead mage.

Core :

With Ironguts and Bulls 5 pts cheaper each, its definately gonna be easier to field larger unit, or to at least keep large unit, and add some goodies. Will we see the end of 9+ Bulls/IG in units? i'm not sure. You have to keep in mind that our look out sir start sucking pretty fast in small unit, and unless your metagame are light on artillery, you need that extra 2+ Save...

Gnoblar are apparently going up in price, while doing nothing more (as of now). If this is the case, i can hardly see them do more than redirect from Runemaw (if its still available at all). It's a blessing as much as a curse ; i never wanted to paint the buggers.

I'm not expecting to drop my core to 25%, simply to be able to have a decent enough unit to babysit my characters. And since you dont want all your eggs in the same basket (and be called a death star carrier), you'll need at least 2 or 3 units. 9 being a good number, you're looking at 900+ pts in a 2500 pts army.

Special :

That's where the fun start.

Leadbelchers are finally worth taking, without a need to reload, and no misfire anymore. Sure, they lose the possibility to do 10 hits/Leabelchers, but i'd much rather a maximum of 6 without the risk of killing my own unit. At apparently 43 pts, a very shooting heavy list is possible.

Yhetees are still unknown, except that they are now apparently 44 pts, and if we follow SoM, now flammable.

Maneater, down to 50 pts, are worth considering. Still a few rumor i'd like to get more details on, such as their special rule available (and their price), but i think they could be very solid (like in 7th ed). Their special rules (up to 2 for a unit) : poison, sniper, stubborn, swiftride, strider, vanguard, itp, scout. It's kind of a "build-a-bear" type of unit. It's nice, but for 10 pts more than Ironguts, and special, not sure i'd add them.

Mournfang Cavalry had a pretty bad preview when the model first came out, simply because they weren't Rhinox. I personally love the model. Once upgraded, they should be around 70 pts, with a possible 2+ armor save, 3 wounds, D3 impact hits and 7 attacks each. I think they could do well against just about anything, especially against low Strenght units. I think they look strangely like the Necropolis Knights, stats wise, which isnt a bad thing. 6 of them could do an amazing job.

Gorger with price increase and moving to special, are gonna be harder to field. I think they are still the best annoyer we got in the game, and the fact we can get more in an army is nice, but what if they go up to 90 pts? that would be a major turnoff.

Rare :

Scraplauncher apparently doing the same thing it currently does, but slightly cheaper (an educated guess would be 160-155 pts). Even with the new book, i think 1 will be required, and 2 recommended in a 2500 pts army.

Ironblaster, one of the new model, seems to be a bit on the powerful side. With its own misfire chart (again...), my guess its that you won't want to misfire with it, but it can move and fire, roll 2 dice for bounce (and chose the highest), and S10 grapeshot. All this at something around 175 pts, gonna have to find some room for at least 1.

Sabertusk can now be a unit. You can make from 1 to 10, and even have a Hunter join them. The question is ; can the hunter stay in the back, or is he forced in front like some special character handler are? I can hardly see a use of that unit, even for mage hunting.

Stonehorn, the giant "everyone hoped it would be a mammoth" new model, beside being a fabulous model, is pretty nice. For roughly 250 pts, you get a walking dragon-like stats, 4+ armor and some sort of protection against multiple-wound weapon (My guess is its just in cc). You can also equip it with a bolt thrower that do not pierce rank (um, why?).

It's brother, the Thundertusk, is nothing to sneeze at. It carries a catapult (still unknown if its an upgrade or just default equipment), and cause everything 6" around it to Always Strike Last. A little less killy, but still, ASL can be quite useful in some situation (like, when you want to take down a Heroic Killing blow ennemy before he gets a chance to kill your tyrant).

Thank god they placed Scraplaunchers and ironblaster in rare too, otherwise i think we would be seeing alot of those.

Overall, if those rumors are true, its gonna be a very fun book to play with, and you might see much more of my beloved Ogres on this blog in the coming years.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Storm of Magic Review

This isnt really a battle report about a game of Storm of Magic, but more of a review of the expansion (lets call it that way).

First, the context. My friend and I decided to test a game of Storm of Magic, based sorely on the model we own (so no big mammoth, no imperial dragon, etc). 4000 pts was the size decided, after considering how much we'd need to spend on Lord and Heroes for mages (how wrong were we...). I was playing Warrior of Chaos (for the first time ever), and my friend was playing Skaven.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


After many weeks/months slowly painting Savage Orc, i decided to take a break from the green tide, and concentrate on something different, to break a bit from the "monotony" of always painting the samething things.

I searched a bit, focusing on Australian (to work with my "sub-theme" of australian aboriginal), and found, what i think is one of the best looking spider i could find ; the Gasteracantha cancriformis.

Not living strickly in australia, but found there also (thanks to wiki), the white, black and red could really work with the Arachnarok, with just the "tender bits" left to find a color (most likely some sort of light pink skin)

So for the next few weeks, expect to see alot of spider... lets call it Spider Weeks

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Druzzt nearly finished

Druzzt ended up being really fun to paint. I tried some different approach with the brush, and i think it's gonna be one of my best painted Orc so far. When i built him, the idea was to have him as my Savage Warboss, but i chaged my mind afterward, as he's not impressive enough to deserve that role.

I'm hoping to have him finished before friday, and hopefully start on the 5th this weekend.

And the usual group shot of what i got so far.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Nurgle Ogres Part 1

It's funny how some things happens. I ran out of green stuff while working on a project, and since i didnt want to buy the Games Workshop's one (which is, imho, a ripoff compared to what you can get from just about anywhere else), i decided to try out that Brown stuff i had, but never used.

After using it to Nurgling my Ogre, i gotta say that i really love how easy it is to work with it. It stick much easier on plastic, and its also much easier to smoother it up. It literally feels miles ahead of green stuff i used before.

I've never painted, nor green stuffed Chaos or Nurgle, so all this was pretty new to me. I based myself on the current Nurgle Ogres from FW for wounds and gifts, and various other model from Games Workshop. The final result is something that seems never done. I added stuff each night for the past 4-5 days, and i think it could used another 2-3 days before being called finished.

Considering i might never use them after the Build'n'Bash tournament, i might just not spend that much more time on them. As of right now, i think they already look Chaos enough.

Savage Black Orc Part 1

Savage Black Orc might sound weird, especially when you know how  different breed those two are, but to follow my theme, and avoid any and all metalwork, i figured that making a Black Orc from a Savage Orc would keep the theme, visually at least.

For now i'm considering using only 1, a Lord, as my General, avoiding my 1000 pts unit to go stupid and miss their animosity test. If once painted i like the result, i might consider trying to make a whole unit of them.

This one, still unnamed, has a few things i'm not completely sold on ;
1- Weapon's arm guard. Would have looked better if the bones were going the same direction as the arm, or maybe smaller.
2- Head. The Jaw armor really works to make a savage version of the Black Orc, but the problem is that nothing is protecting his head, which he should have. But right now, i have no idea what would work. I though about a skull, but what kind? i dont know.

So here's the pictures.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Calzag Part 3 ; Finally finished

Well, Calzag was quite a challenge. The Big Stabba gave me all kind of problem, the stone being far too big to use my current technique to highlight it. The wood was also a big problem, as it is neither flat or has any real detail. I think i did an OK job with it, and i hope that the job i did with the rest of the model will keep eyes away from his big weapon.

3 Completed, 1 primed, 1 built.... still lots to go, but as always, there's no time frame, so all i can say is that i hope i can finish the next one, Druzzt, within the next month.

Here's a picture of the fab 5.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Build&Bash 1750 pts of Fantasy Goodness

Nothing to help my Orcs project, i decided to participe to the Build & Bash held in town this summer. The goal? paint 1750 pts of Warhammer Fantasy by september 1st.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Calzag Part 2

Calzag is nearly finished. There's just a few more details left to do such as the gums, and obviously, his bracers and Big Stabba. Considering the big project i have in mind for the big stabba (especially after looking at all the carving on the whole thing), I still have a whole lot of hours left to do with him. I have to say, he's probably my favourite one so far ; I think i really did much better with the skin, and the lighter stone on his belt are a nice touch i think.

I had another idea about adding more aboriginal idea to my unit, but i'm not sure how its possible ; the musician actually playing a didgeridoo. Seems like it would actually be more work than its worth, but i'll definately think about that possibility.

So here's a few WIP shot of Calzag

Monday, 30 May 2011

Aboriginal idea Part 2

I wanted to add some more dot painting to my army, and hopefully more aboriginal ideas...

So i came up with this for my wooden Big Stabba, Shaman's staff, Banner pole ; Didgeridoo. Some are simply work of art, and i think this could easily be used with some Orcs pattern present on the wooden part of the army...

Here's some examples ;

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Calzag Part 1

My fourth orc is on the way. This time i decided to go for the big stabba upgraded one, with just one Orc carrying it (looks funny imho, like someone who picked a weapon too big for him).

For him i dusted off my Windsor & Newton (don't ask me why i dont use it more often... think i'm just scared to damage its perfection). Such nice brushes, nothing compared to the Pebeo i usually use.

For this one, nothing out of ordinary for now, but since he's on a 50x25 base (usually), he'll get some special attention when i'll get to do it (which should be in about 10-15 more Orcs). I have no clue what i'll do about his warpaint yet, maybe something related to his Big Stabba....

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Arhugg and Buzzrog warpaint finished

One last post for tonight ; i finished my two savage orc warpaint. Pretty happy with the result, and definately looking forward for a complete unit of them painted that way..... 2 down, 38 to go (because i did decide to bump their number to 40...)

First a Family picture. Wurrzag do not have warpaint yet, as i'm waiting to see after a few more Orc what is the best looking mix of color/sized/pattern dot, before committing to painting his.

 Like i said previously, i want to have different pattern on the back of each of my Orc, so this one is kind of looking like a rising sun between two hills, or, well, i let you think of some weirder signification.

Arhugg's warpaints Part 2

Following my wife's advice (she got some kind of certificate on anthropology, and australia always been one of her favourite subject), i added some color. I wouldnt call it done yet, as i think it still needs something on the lower part of the leg and maybe something on his fingers, but i think it gives a pretty good idea what it'll look like. None will be 100% alike, but all will have those 3 color, with roughly the same pattern.

One thing that wont be present on all, is the design on his back. I got a few idea of what i could do (arrow, cross, simple form like that).

Arhugg's warpaints

So here's a test i did on Arrhug (Since i didnt really like his skintone anyway). That's pretty much what i have in mind ; warpaint arent drawing on the body, but a ritual, so dot painting make sense. It also really fit with my aboriginal influence.

Obviously, its not finished ; only the first half is done (other side will be the same thing), and i think i'll add some other on his legs and forearms.

There's a few thing i'm not 100% happy bout, such as the face. But i didnt want to touch the reddish nose and ears, so i was pretty limited on the space i had to paint. Eyebrow are a nice touch imho. Another place i didnt like was on his chin, as their chin is pretty weird, its hard to get a straight line in. I might go for something else than dots for that place.

For the rest, a few line may get added beside the dots (instead of two parallel lines of dots).

Anyway, here's the picture of my test model, Comment welcome ;

Friday, 27 May 2011

Ogres vs Tomb Kings

First Game vs the new Tomb King

Last night i had the chance to finally face the new Tomb King for the first time (and the army as a whole for the 3rd time). My opponent was on his first game with the Tomb King, so i wouldnt really say he was 100% sure of what he was doing, but he's a true veteran of Warhammer Fantasy, and a good general, so i knew it wouldnt be a walk in the park, or at least i expected it to be.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Aboriginal idea

i think i settled on the type i want. Unsurprising, i decided to go with Australian aboriginal body paint. I have a soft spot for Aboriginal Paint (actually own 2 piece in my house, which i'm very proud of).

here's a few example of what i got in mind (and white is actually a nice idea i think). This also help reminding me that this kind of body paint is different for each one, despite the fact its using roughly the same style or geometry.

On this picture, what stuck me is the far right guy, on his legs. I wouldnt go with something as extreme as this (well, it could be an idea if i want to make a Hero/Lord out of a normal guy).

Something quite simple, but still very effective. Dot like these could be easy to achieve, and i think the final result could be very good on the scale of orcs.

Lastly, different pattern, that prove that it can still be made and looks like part of a "band", as long as it use the same technique.

Good news is that if i decide to go these way, i could also paint my banner in the same way (if you want to know what i mean, google "aboriginal dot paint").

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Buzzrog Part 3 : it's all in the details

Buzzrog is slowly getting finished. There's only left to paint ;
the wood on weapons
the belt (which i have no clue what color to paint)
the warpaint (which i also have no clue what color to paint)

For the belt, i'm starting to consider painting it wood grain like, since i dont want any metal in my army. I should have though about it before, i could have trimmed the spike on the plates...

Anyway, here's some pictures.

I purchased 30 of them... with only 1 done, i'm about 28 1/2 left to build/paint. Here's the trio so far ;

Once Buzzrog is finished, i think i'm gonna start painting my Arachnarok, even if i wish i could have painted it with an airbrush... I did some putty job on it, and i just can't wait to see how good it'll look on a big model. I attempted the putty on Buzzrog neck and arms's connection to the body, and i think it did an amazing job to smoother the joint.

But with all the new release coming soon for the Dark Eldar, i might slow down my Orcs (is that possible?).