Sunday, 30 June 2013

Grey Knights - DreadKnight WIP

Spent a few hours tonight working on my DreadKnight. He's not done, but he's getting there.

First thing first, his sword, which i'm very happy with

As you can see, i went just like what most people do, but with a small twist ; i highlighted the spot near the blade pure white, to give it a different effect. I think the final result is very good, especially on such a big surface.

Next, i worked on the NMM on the black part. I don't really like to call it NMM, since i'm not trying to copy any metal color, but its the best description i can give it.

It's still very dark, but i think its working allright ; it help pick out details from a distance. Up close, its not that impressive, but i'm not aiming at Golden Daemon anyway so...

And the final look ;

Red is obviously not finished, but its the only red that will be on the model.

Exhaust will be painted differently. I'm thinking brighter, maybe with a blue "burnt" effect

Lots of details left to do, but so far it's very fun to paint.

Next up will be some detailing, maybe some Gold.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Grey Knights - a 1500 pts list.

1500 pts is a pretty good starting number imho ; easy enough to collect (especially GK), and high enough to play multiple unit choice.

I have a pretty limited budget for the next weeks/months, so i need to play with what i got, so here is my first GK list, that i hope to try out for the first time somewhere in july ;

Monday, 24 June 2013

Grey Knights - 3 Amigos' armor done!

Got quite alot done this weekend despite my wife working and taking care of the daughters 24/24 ; I painted the armor on both dreadnought and the dreadknights.

So far, i'm really happy with the result, and it's gonna be pretty impressive to see everything looking like a true army.

Dreadknights isnt glued yet, and contemptor weapon are magnetized.

Dreadknight is gonna be a pretty big challenge ; everything that is black will be highlighted like my bolter. That's ALOT of surface to cover, but i think its gonna look awesome once finished.... at least i hope.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Grey Knights - Paladins finished, and Dreadknight ready for priming.

A pretty productive day ; After spending most of the morning walking around town with 2 of my daughters, i catched a break while they were sleeping and started assembling my Dreadknights, and also finished painting my paladins...

First, the dreadknight.

As you can see, i'm planning on painting him in many parts. Reason is simple ; most of the mechanical part will be painted black, while the rest will be painted like the paladins... so i figured the easiest way would be to separate him before painting...

A bit dissapointed tho ; Magnetizing him will be nearly impossible, since the piece attaching the arm to the shoulder is just weird. I might just end up not magnetizing him at all, but i don't know, from what i've seen, a fully geared Dreadknight is pretty hard to fit in a 1500 pts...

The other part was finishing the Paladins.

At first, i wanted to add red eyes, but i just couldnt manage to do something that looked good on such weird eyes, especially on a pure white background. So i decided to just shade the helmet, and keep the eyes white... might try with a black wash later, but for now, i'm just too dissapointed in those eyes to do anything that could ruin it.

As they are right now, a unit of 5 still look very good, and i'm sure once i'm done with their 5 buddies, its gonna be good enough.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Grey Knights - Nearly finished

Tonight i spent a good 3 hours finishing the bolter and psycannon, then attaching the arms to the terminator. Very happy with the final result, definately happy with all my color choice so far.

A little family picture, sorry for the out of focus.

I'm almost scared to count the number of hours i spent on those 5 models... i'd say its close to 5-6 hours each terminator, probably even close to 10 hours... But the most important thing is ; i'm happy with the result. As my first NMM try, i think i did a pretty nice job.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Grey Knights - Contemptor #1 and #2, and a helmet query

Slowly, i'm getting this army done! Still only 7 models are currently being worked on, and nothing is complete, but it's still looking much better than when i started a few weeks ago.

I'm so happy to have picked Contemptor count-as Dreadnought over real Dreadnough, it's almost not funny. I love the model ; its easy to pose, and has lots of details despite its tube-ic look.

My first one just got his basecoat and his first shade, but i'm already feeling this is gonna be a very fun challenge to paint.

Look 'Ma! I'm blue and pink!

To keep everything similar, i went with the exact same mixt for both basecoat and shade as my Terminator, and i'm gonna use the same mixt for the next highlights as well ; i really want them to look just like a gigantic terminator. I'm still unsure he's actually "Grey Knights" enough, but i'm hoping the color scheme will help with that.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Grey Knignts - More NMM

Did some more work tonight on the paladins, i'm happy to say that they are very close to be finished. Bolter and Psycannon is pretty much all that is left to paint.

First, my current WIP

Feel like i had those mounted for months.... and its almost true.

The red and blue work pretty nicely together, and i'm very happy with the result so far. Have to say, i can't wait until i get everything glued together...

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Grey Knights - Power Weapon and Purity Seals

Pretty busy week as i was on a business trip for 2 days, a game on friday, and father's day, but i still managed to get some things done.

First, a little something for all the dad around.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Grey Knights - Shoulder pad work, and contemptor

Last few days gave me a few hours to work some more on my Grey Knights. So far, i'm pretty happy with the result, but i can't wait to glue it all together and see how it hold as a unit.

First, i'm well advanced in building my Contemptor. Since i'm not sure he'll stay all his live an autocannon madmen, i want to leave it open to swap his arms, so i'm thinking about magnetizing the weapons. I decided to glue on the shoulder, since i though it wasn't the best joint (too easy to see) so i decided instead to go for the round thing just before the autocannon. Still need to see how the CC weapon attach to the contemptor, but once that is worked out, magnet goes in.

Still wondering as well if it's grey knights enough. I'm not sure, but i don't know what else to add....

Next up, shoulderpads.

Gold is finished, red is just basecoated, as well as the purity seal. Its really just a look at how it will end up. I'm not entirely happy about the letters on the shoulder, but i had alot of trouble painting them as well as the chestplate.

Obviously, from up close, its alot different than from a distance, and since those are aimed at being tabletop quality, i don't mind that much that they arent perfect. I'll most likely fix a few of the mistake, but it'll never be perfect.

Lastly, i received my autocannon replacement. Out of the 4, one is perfect, 2 are ok, and 1 is complete garbage... But they were free, and quick to get, so i can't complain.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Grey Knights - shading and NMM added

Past week been pretty crazy ; we bought a house, sold ours, and in between, i managed to get some paint done.

Last time i had a softly highlighted unit of 5 paladins, this week, they are shaded, and the NMM is complete (on the body only).

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Grey Knights - New colors

So i wasn't quite happy with the purple armor, and figured it would only get worst if i really tried to save it, so i went back to musing, and came back with another color. This time, its the Teal-inator!

The first five, of many (many GK, that's like, 10, right?)