Friday, 19 October 2012

Building a table for 40k

I've spent quite alot of time lately building terrain to be able to play 40k at home. Right now i have roughly 7 ruins, with pretty much all done except basing, adding rubble, and painting (so basically, they are built, that's it). They are all built using Foamcore, white glue, and about 10 exacto's blade.

The buildings in their current form

The tape was used to hide the work on the corner, before i started shaving one side...

Thursday, 18 October 2012

October 18th as if it was Christmas.

I just received my order from, one of the best, if not the best online market in canada. Friendly, goes the extra mile to please their customer, and overall great price.

What i ordered is a whole lot of battlefoam kit, Janissa (Trollblood) and the Dark Vengeance box.

Pretty box picture

The content

Incubi Done !

So i spent some time working on my old Metal Incubi, switching their paint scheme to what i currently do with my army. The 10 models are complete, but i doubt i'll ever use the 10 of them. With those complete, i'm up to 1300 pts, which i think deserve an army shot.

First the incubi
Some dont have their base yet, they are painted, i just didnt take time to finish them

Then the army shot
Pretty crappy picture, but its the best i can do at 9pm

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

List of the month (Dark Eldar 1750 pts)

Not Burned out, just playing the game.

The past few months been pretty quiet on the painting side of the hobby. After many, many weeks playing Warmahordes, we switched to 40k, trying out our army that we only let out a few times (4-5 games maybe in 5th ed?).

I have roughly 1500 pts of completely painted Dark Eldar, with only a few units still unpainted (Hellions) or not bough yet (Reavers).

Here's my current V6 Dark Eldar list, 1750 pts of shooting goodness...