Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #17 : Bases! Again!

With the goal of figuring out if my paint scheme for the bases works or not, i decided to spend some extra time today completing a set for my blightking to sit on. I'm still pretty happy with the result.

The Unsinkables WIP #16 : Bases! (and not, not making any jokes about bases).

Bases are often what makes armies stand out from others. For that reason, it is very important to me to make great looking base for my WoC army. With the boat themed, i figured that deck-like bases would be perfect for the army. After looking at many amazing looking army for inspiration, i went and started my bases ;

Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #15 : BSB done! 10 WoC done! 30 shields done! Chimera done!

Spent a few days away from home, but managed to get a few hours in before and after, and managed to complete pretty much everything i wanted to build. I call them done, but i might go and add some barnacle here and there. But the biggest job is done ; they are all built, nurgle-ized, and ready to be fielded on the table.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Forgeworld/Game Workshop "Made in China" review #2

I posted a review a few months ago about my first ever purchase of Forgeworld's copy from china. It was plague toad, basically, a big blob of finecast from nurgle. It was pretty hard to fail copying that. For the price i paid, i was very happy, and they served as a count as for my beast of nurgle, which models is old, ugly, and frankly outdated. Since then, the market for copy grew, and it is now easier than ever to find copy of just about anything, even Witch Elves! (when i take the witch elves for example, its simply to show how they can get filmsy detailed model copied now!)

When i started my Warrior of Chaos army, i didn't really consider china copy, because everything was easily available online (at already 25% off), and i'm not a big fan of failed copy. In the end, i did place an order, kinda to test the water to see how their copy do vs the real stuff. My order was ;

Chaos Lord
Nurgle Chaos Lord
Forgeworld Merwyrm
Hell Cannon
Sayl and his spawn.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #14 : BSB nearly done!

When motivation kicks in, its amazing! I'm having so much fun building these little fella', i almost do not see the time pass, or my kids, or my wife....

Anyway, i could wait until he's 100% finished, but i'm so excited about this model, i had to share!

Friday, 19 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #13 : 5 more WoC done, a Caster, a Lord and a Spawn.

Another update tonight? Yes Yes! after a very productive day/night, i managed to finish my goal for the week and some more!

I also received my order from an undisclosed business selling "Made in China", which i'll review in the next couple days.

The Unsinkables WIP #12 : Chariot done and some more WoC

Some updates pre-christmass!

First, i pretty much completed my chariot, the chariot and warshrine riders and 5 more WoC. That's some pretty nice work, giving me a total of 15 completed WoC so far, with 2 being worked on, and 3 waiting to be touched.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #11 : Warshrine, 2nd unit of blightking and 9 warrior built

Today, a small update on what i managed to finish over the weekend. Once again, only building and greenstuffing, as i'm hoping to resume painting sometimes during christmass time.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #10 : 4 Warriors done, 4 WiP and 1... something else!

 December is a big month for just about anyone with kids. Even worst when 2 of them have their birthday during the month, so my free time was pretty sparse. I still managed to get some things done, and i'm pretty happy with the result so far...

Monday, 1 December 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #9 : Warrior work has begun!

For the past days/week, i worked on and off on the Warrior, first to try and recreate some sort of halberd, and second to try and nurgle-ize them. It been an uphill battle, and i'm stil not sure i'm winning this one...

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #8 : Putrid Blightking done!

Tonight i put the final touch on my Putrid Blightking, finishing them for now. I'm still considering doing some edge highlight on the armor, but i really like the color right now, and i'm really affraid i'll screw up the color.

First, a shot of the cloth done

Monday, 24 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #7.5

Tonight, not much work to show up, except, early christmas!!

From left to right ;
2 boxes of Warrior of Chaos
1 Box of Warshrine
1 Box of Chariot of Chaos
3 boxes of Plaguebearers
1 Box of Putrid Blightking

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #7 : Details work

This weekend was a pretty big weekend, so i got at beast 2 or 3 hours of me times, which was just enough to finish all the metals on the models, and i'm pretty happy with the final result. Once again, Games Workshop really seems to love using washes, and i had to deviate a bit from their tutorial to get something that i liked...


Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #6 : Armour done!

Armor in the end was alot faster than expected. The biggest challenge was deciding if i wanted to follow GW's or not.... in the end, i decided not. Mainly because as much as they say that dirty (read here : heavily washed) color is more nurgle, i disagree. So i went a slightly different route and, well, here's the result!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #5 : Armour begins

Didn't get as much painting as i wanted tonight, mainly since i tried the new pre-released game Mordheim.

But i still started, again, following games workshop own advice ;

And my own takes on this ;

First the color to be used ;

Once again, i am faced with doing the job twice, with 2 basecoat used. to bring more color, which means that we shouldnt usually see any castellan green. I'm not entirely sold on it, and i think i might do some feathering with Nurgling Green... I love their choice of color, but i hate that all they did on the armor is basecoat, wash heavily then edge highlight....

Anyway, here's my first basecoat, which should dissapear after the 2nd color....

I really like how they are coming together, the skin is growing more and more on me.

So this is it for tonight. Tomorrow i hope to be able to get a solid nurgling green color over the armor, and i seriously think i'll leave some spot castellan green, since its such a good looking green.

The Unsinkables WIP #4 : Skin done!

I finally did it! the skin is done, after many, many hours, and many, many paint pot. The end result is well above what i was hoping for, since i wasn't expecting that much out of it, especially after the first 3 colors...

The following step was starting to add red around injuries, pustule, and open wound. That's something i was used to, since i did it on my plaguebearers as well. I tried to add only a small tint, but around some pustule (like the right guy boobs), it just dried very dark.

The next step was starting to pick up pustule from the red spot. That's where the gross look really starts for me. Again, nothing out of the ordinary compared to what i did on my plaguebearers.

A close up of what the model looked like at this stage. Obviously, such large picture shows alot of flaws on my techniques, but i really like the look, especially the belly and the face.

Here's a picture of how complexe the skin really is... alot of red, purple, white-ish, brown... it really looks diseased.

I never pretended to be a good picture taker... this is the first highlight on all the pustule. Making them pop really helps with the overall looks.

I really started to love this model... the face, the belly, the back, everything ooze nurgle.

Last layer on the pustule. I am leaving them as is for now, since i dont want to start the blood until everything is done, and i have no shine to add to the pustules right now.

And finally, pictures of each one of the 5 putrid blightkings i painted so far ;

With some luck, tomorrow i'm starting on the armor, again following Games Workshop scheme.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #3

Today i went four step further into painting the Putrid Blightkings skin, and no, they're not finished yet!

First the video of how they do it ;

Onto the process ;

Monday, 17 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #2

So last weekend, i spent a few hours looking at Games Workshop videos on painting both the Maggoth Lord and the Putrid Blightking. I'm usually not a big fan of their painting, but i have to say, those tutorial were really interesting. The uses of color is something i didn't think of, and the end result is really nurglish enough for me.

So while those paint scheme are not likely to teach me any new technique, i like the end result, and its all that matter.

So first, the color required. I spent about 150$ last weekend buying new Citadel paint... all in all, i have about 60 pots of the new citadel right now, and they are quickly replacing my Model Air by Vallejo.

It's ALOT of color just to get a skin tone. Most of them make sense, the druchii violet and carroburg crimson used only for nurgle stuff...

First layer. One thing i noticed about the videos is that they prime black, only to paint over it with a light base color to lighten the "true" base color... i came to wonder why they didnt just prime white? I guess it helps hide the spot you can't reach with a brush, but still.

Second Layer. It's a very, very light flesh color, close to old bronze flesh.

So far, its all that i have achieved in roughly 2 1/2 hours (the other 3 are painted as well, just not showing). Next post should cover the first wash and the following cover-up.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Unsinkables WIP #1

This weekend i started working on my army, after getting a great bit of inspiration from both GMM Studios and Sproket. I wanted a boat, which is nice and all, but it did very little to link the army together, so i decided to make them more.... Watery? Sea worthy? Like a bunch of guys who been at seas forever?


First, a picture of the current family ; Bloab, Morbidex, Gotrut Spume and 5 BlightKing.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

For Sale : Dark Elf Army

To fund new project, i'm selling my 2500ish pts Dark Elf army.

Here's the list ;



Cauldron of Blood

30 Witches

10 Dark Rider

25 Executionner

10 Warlocks

1 Bloodwrack Shrine

Here's some pictures ;

More pictures available upon request.

The price ;
1000$. shipping not included, but magnetized tray included.

2400 : A warrior of Chaos End Time list

With End Times : Glottkin released, now is time to plan my next army. I really wanted to do a Vampire Army for 2015, but decided against it. Not because i lack ideas, but mainly because sculpting zombies didn't really appeal to me right now. I also considered starting over my Ogres army, but again, this was a very big conversion project, and i want to take my time to do each one right.

So here is my 3rd choice, a WoC army based on End Times :Glottkin. Why based on Glottkin? Because i will most likely end up using this one for my army background, and also i'll be sporting quite a few models from the book.

Here's a look at my list ;


Bloab Rotspawned

Probably the most expensive lvl3 mage, Blob is an amazing miniature (can we really call it that, considering its size?), and a pretty impressive close combat fighter (considering he's a mage!). There's really no reason for me to get any other mage beside him. And, he's my anti-armor shooting platform!

Morbidex TwiceBorn

Moribex is my general... at leadership 8, its gonna be a rocky rides, i know. But he's the only lord from the End Times that i can take who has any kind of saves  against warmachine, and warmachine scares me. I play this game to throw dice. If my ennemy can kill my whole army before i reach CC, it kinda kills the fun....


Exalted Heroes
Mark of Nurgle
Battle Standard Bearer
Scaled Skin
Great Weapon

At leadership 8, i think a BSB is pretty mandatory. Even at leadership 10 it is, in fact. He's a pretty standard "cheap" build, with just a 2+ armor saves, and a great weapon.


17 Warrior of Chaos
Mark of Nurgle
Full Command

16 Warrior of Chaos
Mark of Nurgle
Full Command

 Two relatively big blocks of Warriors with halberd. My army isnt fast, so there's really no reason to get anything that goes faster than M4. I would love to take dogs, but they can't be marked Nurgle, and Glottkin doesnt care much for unmarked foo's!


Chaos Warshrine
Mark of Nurgle

The gift givers, he's gonna be 6 dicing his boundspell till his head explodes. My goal isnt really to get a daemon prince (oh god, i need to build one in case!), but to try and improve my two lords into something even better. Bloab or Morbidex with an extra toughness, armor saves or weapon skills can really make them monster...

Gorebeast Chariot
Mark of Nurgle

A... chariot? Really? Yes! the Gorebeast chariot is such a beast, there's no reason not to take at least one! He has the toughness and wounds to take a punishment without dieing, and is strong enough to help anyone in trouble quickly.

5 Putrid Blightkings
Full Command

5 Putrid Blightkings
Full Command

 two unit of 5? yes. But they're only infantry? yes. They are broken, and not in a good way. What obviously should been at least monstrous infantry got the tag infantry only, so they can be stomped, they can be dreaded 13th-ed, they can be cannon-ed easily. But the models are amazing, and i love good looking models!

So right at 2393 pts. This list is pretty set in stone, except that i might switch Bloab and Morbidex for Glottkin, replacing at the same time my Chariot for a scroll caddy (i seriously need defense against purple sun with that monster I1). Both are considered, especially considering that Glottkin gets automatically +1 Wardsave on the Eye of the God tables, which make the warshrine a must have to get him to 4+ asap (if someone has fire, otherwise regen is good enough).

My goal is to start painting this army by mid-november, and hopefully be done by mid-february, just in time for a big event around here.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Maggoth Lord and Glottkin rules review and play test

First impression Maggoth Lord and Glottkin.

First off, those who read my blog before know that i am a Daemon of Chaos player before anything, Warrior of Chaos never really interesting me. When i head that the second End Times book would be about Chaos, i was excited.

When i saw the new rules for Legion of Chaos, i was a bit less excited, but that's another story. Today, i'll talk about the 2 new model released with End Times; the Maggot Lords and Glottkin.

When the Maggot Lord were released i swiftly purchased two, planning on playing both Bloab and Moribex the next day at a small local monthly tournament. Since Legion of Chaos wasn't released yet, i played them with the correct rules (provided in the boxes), but the "wrong" Legion of Chaos rules (i wasn't unstable). And since i'm not a WoC player, being forced to challenge was new to me...

Playing them

I took Bloab, because i wanted magic. He's a lvl3, with +1 to cast, so he was able to cast, but missed a spell selection that made him subpar for the lone caster in my army. His catapult is interesting, but he didn't get a single direct hit, nor did i face anything with alot of armor...

Then i took Morbidex. Not because i wanted to boost my Nurgling, but because i wanted a General with some kind of save. Regen isnt bulletproof, but it's better than nothing, especially on a 400 pts model. His offensive stats are barely under Orghotts, so i feel he's a safer bet.

The rest of my list ;
2x21 Plague Bearers
3 Beasts of Nurgle
1 Beasts of Nurgle
2 Nurgling base
1 Soul Grinder of Nurgle
2 Skull Cannon

Now, how it went on my tournament ;

Game #1 vs Skaven.

A skaven without cannon or Abomination, i was pretty confident. In the end, i never really charged them in, since i wasnt sure how good they could do. I did win, and neither really played a big part in the victory (beside, obviously, soaking alot of shooting.

Game #2 vs Dwaft.

A typical gunline, with the worst possible scenario. I had to cross the table, from short edge to short edge, sloooooowly. I tried to hide everything from shooting, instead of rushing in, so i ended up getting Bload shoot down, and Morbidex not doing anything before game ends. I lost by something like 600 pts.

Game #3 vs High Elf.

Now, i understood how the models worked, and felt like i knew they could hold their own in combat... so i did.... and, no matter how many attacks you have, if you roll 1s to wound, you're bound to lose by 2... and run... and rally.... and lose... and run off the table... twice.

Moral of the story? Those models have so many rules, you need to understand them perfectly, and remember them, otherwise they are too expensive for lone characters.


A Mage with T5 8 wounds, with no save beside a 3+, he's pretty expensive at 415 pts. But when you add that he has a catapult at 24" S3 that allow no armor saves, An aura that deals D6 S3 magical attack at 6" around each own magic phase AND +1 to cast and -1 to cast for opponent within 12", he gets alot more interesting.

Yes, before anyone comment, i do think that T5 8 wounds caster at 415 pts is expensive. Just about anything can wound him except S3 arrows. And he can't hide in a units, so he needs to be able to soak some damage....


Same stats as Bloab, except he has 2 more attacks, more weapon skill and regen. this one is alot simplier to play, he's basically the good ol' point and click, without being as stupidly good as a WoC Daemon Prince. He can lose combat when dice wants you to (and believe me, mine did!), but he can also down pretty much everything. His small bonus to nurgling is interesting, giving them a 4+ regen save. His downfall obviously will be challenge, since he can be challenged out of an easy win (and thunderstomp) pretty easily.


I didn't play the guy yet. I plan on trying him out this weekend, but for now, all i can comment on, is what i see on my Glottkin's book.

First, thing first, the base debate. In all publication, he's sideways, like a soulgrinder's base. in the instruction, he's like a chariot, with the short edge front and back. Who's right? hard to say.

He's another beast, with T6 12 wounds and regen (!!!!) and 5+D6 S6 attacks. That's... alot of attacks, alot of wounds, but oddly enough, not much strenght. Sure, he has Ghurk's single attacks who's S10 D6 wound's but against cavalry, he's most likely to bounce off and run away. He's also "only" WS 6, so pretty much nobody hits him on 6s. In that regard, i almost feel like Morbidex is stronger in CC... He does have a pletora of rules, some of them really good ;

Nurgle's Rot. The good ol' rot. Depending how you place his base, that could be very annoying, since everyone in contact takes a S1 no armor saves hit.

He's lvl4. Well, that was to be expected, since he's the chaos version of Nagash.

He gives to everyone within 12" with mark of nurgle or daemons of nurgle a reroll to charge (!!!!) and for some reason that rule (Lord of Nurgle) also make him auto-win "Aura of Chaos" when rolling for rewards. So Park him next to a warshrine, and work on giving him a 4+ Wardsave!

Finally, he has a S3 no armor-save breath, only used in CC.

For 810 pts? Sign me up, anytime.

Next post, i'll show some picture of the models in my hand, and possibly my next project/list.

Also, if you have question regarding any of the 4 lord, please comment, and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Carnival of Carnage : Great Milenko's Hall of Illusion Ride.

Today i completed the cart for my Soulgrinder/Hall of illusion experience. I tried to stay as close to possible to the video, while making it as much Nurgle as possible (so alot more "alive" i hope).

The big red "M", with something that oddly look like a penis. Not sure if it was intentional, but i did notice it on the video. No matter what, i stuck with it. After seeing that picture, i think i might have to go over it again and shade it some more. I wanted it really bright green, and that's exactly what i got, but its a pretty bland bright green.

On the wheel and skull, i tried something new ; i roughly used the same recipe for my dark NMM that i used with my Grey Knight, but i skipped a few mid/light green and went straight for a much lighter color. Add alot of "BOOM" to the highlights. I like it.

The Poor Bastard running the cart. He's probably what i like the most about this ; model fits right in, and i like how i painted him.

All of a sudden, that Soulgrinder is getting closer to completition!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Carnival of Carnage : Violent J, prince of Nurgle

Hey! I'm Violent J. And I'm here... Well, I'm here to kick your ass!
Riddle Box

My big Daemon Prince is advancing near completition. I'm not 100% happy about him, and hearing someone this weekend call him hippo didn't help. The more i paint him, the more i realize that a green stuff job has to be more than just "adequate", otherwise once painted, you see all the faulty details.

Carnival of Carnage : Oh the horror! a pink horrors story

What is better to give you a boost of motivation to paint? Win games. I was slowly loosing motivation, especially since i couldnt manage a win to save my life, so the painting was slowly stopping. Then i tried a new list (not involving Kairos), and i started winning. And all of a sudden, i want to finish this army and add even more to it.

So my Pink horrors got some love, and i started my first test model.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Carnival of Carnage main attraction : Daemon Prince, Soul Grinder, steeds and horrors

oh how i love vacation ; the perfect time for doing stuff you usually don't have time for, like cleaning up your working space. This is exactly what i did for two straight days ; cleaning up my paint spot, storing correctly my armies and terrains, and basically, cleaning up all the crap that was laying everywhere.

But, this post isnt about how i cleaned my workspace, its instead about my new additions to my army being worked on ; the Daemon Prince of Nurgle, the Soul Grinder of Nurgle, the Steeds of Slaanesh, and the Pink Horrors.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Carnival of Carnage ; Soul Grinder's Hall of Illusions, or the ride of your life...


My creative juice is flowing again... i love it.

Almost done with a whole 100g of green stuff, and my daemon prince is still far from finished. but my Soul Grinder is almost done.

I had tons of idea today while listening to old recording of ICP on Howard Stern (i really recommend the one against Sharon Osbourne, funniest shit ever...).

First, i had an idea the whole time about making a rollercoaster out of him, and i think i finally decided on how to make it look like one, while avoiding making something stupidly complicated out of it. At first i though about rollercoaster rails around the models, but it was such a complicated thing to do, i just couldnt.

So instead, he's gonna swing at it ; I'll make him a bat, and he literally swing at the cart for the ride of your life.

You notice the plasticard, i decided to make him like the cart on "Halls of illusions"... the the giant guy running and screaming inside.

The second part was the underbelly of the beast. I didnt quite know what to do with it ; it had a correct shape, but was too rough to be kept as is, and i knew i couldnt sculpt something great under there, so i went with plan B ;

once i was done, i looked at it, then i looked at a soon-to-be-painted model i owned from mad clown miniatures (, the creepy mouth monster, and damn... didnt mean to copy it, but i guess subconsciously, i did.

For the record, the little thing coming out of his front isnt his... yeah, i figured if i made something where his 4th leg should be, it'd be better... might add some small toes...

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nurgle Carnival now the Carnival of Carnage

Yes, i have to admit, i finally am forced to start adding more than nurgle to my army. Not that i am forced, but some variety is good, right?

For that reason, my nurgle carnival is now my carnival of carnage (and you can bet my Daemon Prince will look like Violent J).

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

ND VI - Battle Report #1

Past weekend, i went at a 6 games tournament with my freshly painted Dark Elf Army, knowing full well i didn't play enough game with that list, or with the new book.

I brough a list that left little to no surprise, and here it is ;


Supreme Sorceress
lvl4 of life
Dispel Scroll
Ironcurse Icon
Talisman of Preservation

Death Hag
Battle Standard Bearer
Cauldron of Blood
Obsidian Blade

Dark Pegasus
Cloak of Twilight
Heavy Armor + Sea Dragon Cloak + Shield + Lance

2x5 Dark Riders
Repeater Crossbow + Shield

30 Witch Elves
Full command
Razor Standard

21 Executionners
Full command
Gleaming Pendant

Bloodwrack Shrine

2x5 Doomfire Warlocks
Master of Warlocks.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is done!

So tonight, i finally call it. I'm done. Whatever i do after this point, is pure bonus.

I'm so glad to be done, and i have to say, it feels good to complete another army. As of right now, i have 3 completely painted Fantasy army ; Ogres, Nurgle Carnival and Dark Elves. Each one were done with something in mind ;

Ogres, it was my first army, so i was learning. Learning to highlight/shade flat surface, learning to just paint correctly.
Nurgle Carnival was learning to airbrush, learning to convert and follow a paint scheme.
Dark Elves was learning to use minimal color palette, NMM, and a few new things about prepping and painting model (like never touching a model with our oily fingers..)

I am VERY satisfied with this army, and i can't wait to start another. So many ideas, so many new challenge, i can't wait.

For now, Pictures!!!!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 24 of 30 left

Peg Master done! Thank god.

He still needs a base, but i don't care, i still can call him finished! Pretty happy with the final result, considering he took me roughly 6 hours today to paint. Pictures after the breaks...

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 22 of 30 left

Got to say, i'm very happy with my night. In roughly 4 hours i managed to basically complete about 90% of my Shrine. Still some bits to do, and the crew, which i completely forgot, but i'm well on time.

Hopefully tomorrow i finish it, and start working on my Peg Master.

For now, pictures!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 21 of 30 left Part 2

My goal tonight was to do alot of the metal on my shrine, with my goal being to finish the chassis friday. A pretty big challenge, but with so little day left, i need to start painting faster....

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 21 of 30 left (!!!)

A small post tonight, just to show my finished Executionner before i start on something else...

Threw in Hellebron and my Sorceress on their respective base.

Have to say, i really like how they came out.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 16 of 30 left

2 weeks left. only two weeks. So it's time to get the pedal to the floor and paint Faster!

Tonight i spent a good chunk of the night painting details on my Executionner, and started building the Shrine.

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 15 of 30 left, Part 2

It is now 1:25 AM. I said i would finish their weapon, and i did. So. Damn. Tired...

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 15 of 30 left, Part 1

Tonight, i'm decided ; i'm finishing the sword on my executionner. Started a bit late, but i'm determined to be done before i go to bed, even if i get to sleep really, really late.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 14 of 30 left, and an army shot.

Tonight is gonna be brief, because i didn't paint much, and i want to get to bed early.

I started on the Executionner sword. Started. I did a whole 5, one of which has no sword (musician). Still, i started, and that's something. I know how they look, i know how to make them, now tomorrow, i need to finish them.

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 13 of 30 left.

Tonight, i really, really impressed myself.  I managed to paint 5 hours straight, without taking much of a break (maybe 30 minutes to find something to play in the background, which ended up being Tremendous027 firsts few reports i never watched before).

With that massive paint session, i managed to get alot done. My goal was to finish the armor, which meant shading and highlighting the armor completely for thte 25 models.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 12 of 30 left. Part 2


feeling better (already!) and decided to get ride of those executionner before they get the best of me, i found a new approach to the scary progress that is painting the armor ; doing one part at a time, on each models.

for this, i decided to start with the easiest, and most apparent part ; the shoulderpads.

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 12 of 30 left. Part 1 (lets hope for a Part 2!)

And i'm back at painting my executionner, with a stuffed nose, and a severe  desire to go curl in a corner and sleep.

Today's goal is to finish all basecoat on metal, and start/hopefully finish the armor, leaving me with the weapon, and random bits tomorrow and wednesday. I want to be able to start on the shrine before friday, so its a very tight schedule. Will i sleep this week?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 11 of 30 left

Wh... what? 5 days. Yes, 5 days spent sleeping and snooring and waking up feeling like i just kissed papa nurgle armpits... The flu, the great big f*'n flu took a week out of my schedule, and pushed me way behind on target.

The good news, i did manage to get somethign done, between a few dose of NyQuil, random pills, and tissue box.

First thing i managed to do, is finished glueing my Witch Elves to their base. About that, let me tell you a little story ;
Not so long ago (2009?) in 7th ed, when i started playing warhammer, i went with Ogres. Back then, they were bad, really bad, and i was too, so it was allright. At some point, i went with Dark Elves, to learn to win. Then, i met my first hate ; Corsairs. The model was nice. Their stats were somewhat nice, but ranking them...

Simply put, no matter what i did pre-game, after first turn, it always looked like a big pile of turd. Needless to say, as soon as i could, i stopped playing them and they been shelved since. I heard there's some magic trick to help rank them properly, but i'm too annoyed with them to care...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 6 of 30 left

Today was supposed to be a day off, but since i was falling behind a bit, i decided to do some work on it anyway.

I only have 24 days left, and i really need to finish everything, so clock is ticking.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 5 of 30 left

Day 4 is nearly over. I had some catch up to do since i couldnt prime my Executionner last night due to time, so i spent a good 6 hours finishing my witches, painting the remaining bits on my Dark Rider, and Priming my Executionner. I even took some extra time to finish my Dark Rider completely and glue the shield and Xbow to their side.

Once that was done, i did some work on my bases, and added snow to my Witche's and one unit of Dark Rider. With a good coat of gloss, i'm pretty happy with the final result of those bases. It's miles from what i was aiming at at first, but i think its very different, and goes well with my color scheme...

Excuse my crappy cellphone picture, my wife (or me, but i rather blame the wife) lost our camera charger....

Obviously, bases arent finished yet ; i still need to clean them up, and paint their side, but i'm waiting until everything is completely dry before doing anything more to the base. I somewhat hope people will still understand what my bases are, and not just think those are blue rocks on snow....

From the picture you can also notice i glued the crossbow to the horse side. That has to be the worst thing to glue in this army. No matter how you try, it never seems to fit. I had maybe 2 that went well out of the ten i glued.

The shield are from old sprues, i think warriors. I wante to use those as they are flat, compared to the one that come in the box which has a bird on it. I wanted flat surface for either freehands, or at least to be "neutral". I simply don't like that my whole army all have different iconography on their shield.

Annnnd, still undecided on that front plate. I think i'll just keep them gray and say fuck it. Maybe i'll add blood spatter, as if they were using it to ram into infantry.

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 4 of 30 left

Once again, report for my day/night of painting.

Today i decided to spend some quality time with two of my daughters, so i didn't get to do anything until they were in their bed, so basically, while everyone was watching a very, very boring superbowl, i was painting dark elves.

I'm happy to say they are about 95% done, with just some small parts missing, that i usually just basecoat purple, so tomorrow they should be completely done in a matter of an hour or so.

Hellebron, her 10 friends, and the medusa are pretty much done. The witch are done exactly like the rest, so they should fit in pretty easily.

Hellebron is a pretty nice lady. It was a walk in the park to highlight her armor, and i think it came out very nice. I'll most likely end up doing a small freehand on the bottom of her dress, but for now she's staying as is.

So my goal for today is almost finished. I wanted to prime my executionner as well, but i ran out of time, so i'll prime them tomorrow. The medusa and witches should be finished tomorrow too, and hopefully starting to glue them to their base. Or at least finish their base.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 3 of 30 left

Tonight, i once again spent a good part of the night painting my Witch Elves. I am now starting the really annoying part of the paint scheme ; NMM. It's not that it's hard to paint, or that it looks bad, its just that its so damn long to paint small individual parts, and Witch Elves have those EVERYWHERE!

So it took me 4 hours to paint the metal, minus the weapons and the cloth.

When i look at them, i can't stop thinking how hard they will be to rank and file....

Friday, 31 January 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 2 of 30 left

Today's goal was to basecoat all metal on my 10 witches. Easy enough some would say, but crown, panties and bra (yes, metal armor/underwear!) and their little sword, prove to be much more challenge than it looks. In the end, after 2 hours, i finished my goal for the night, and decided to add another basecoat ; the cloth.

So today wasn't just about staying on track, but actually taking a lead over my schedule.

Peg Master ; because every dark elves player need a crazy guy on a flying horse.

At first, i have to say, i didn't want to have a Master on Dark Pegasus... the idea behind that mobile hero hunting warmachine wasn't really appealing to me. After playing a few games with my Dark Elves, i quickly realized that one of my biggest weakness was definately cannnon and hellblaster, so i had to do something about it.. There's a few choice possible, one being magic, one Reaper Bolt Thrower, another target saturation, and the last one, a Peg Master.

I don't like... no, i HATE the current RBT model, and the very old one (with wheels) is pretty hard to come by, so i decided to settle on the Peg Master. Since there is no model, i went and built myself one.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dark Elves : the race is on! Day 1 of 30 left

So the race is finally on. I knew it would come to this. It's easy to say "ah, i'll paint tomorrow instead" when there's still many months left, but now, i have one month left to paint ;

10 Witches
25 Executionner
1 Shrine
1 Peg Master
Finish base + Presentation tray.

Sound like a big job, but i have a plan!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to pick a warhammer fantasy army (part 2)

Today I’ll talk about picking one of the warhammer armies, depending if you’re a painter or a gamer. First part can be found here ;

Friday, 24 January 2014

How to pick a warhammer fantasy army (part 1)

Today, i decided to post about an important topic ; choosing a warhammer fantasy army.

For some people, it's pretty simple ; either they already know what they want to play/paint, or they want the flavor of the month/strongest army (right now, i'd say Nurgle Warrior of Chaos)

For the others, well, warhammer fantasy has a total of 15 armies, all very different from one another, and each have their strenght and weakness.

The first thing you'll need to consider, is what kind of army you want, or more precisely, what do you want from your army? there's many right answer to this.
Some people want an army with few models, like Ogres Kingdoms.
Some people want an army with lots of monsters, like Daemons of Chaos.
Some people want an army that is simple to paint, like the Lizardman.

With you, i'll review each army, to hopefully help you decide which army is right for you.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Games Workshop's Stock problem ; lets stop scaring the childrens.

Ok, for the past week, everyone been trying to analyze Games Workshop recent financial report, and predict Warhammer Fantasy and 40k future from those numbers ; Some crazy rumor such as Games Workshop dropping a few armies, up to cancelling Fantasy all together.

Yes, Games Workshop revenue are down. Yes, their stock took a nose dive, but they're still making profit, and lets just not consider them done until they actually put the lock on the door.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Back-2-Base IX Paint Rack : A review

Last year i purchased some movement tray from Back 2 Base, and was pretty happy with the final result. It allowed me to put my Plaguebearers on round bases, and still rank them correctly for fantasy, thus making it MUCH easier for me to rank them up, despite any conversion.

This year, i decided to go a bit further and order some of their acrylics paint rack. Wait, acrylics? Why? Simple ; It looks better, and feels more durable. MDF doesn't really strikes me as something that will last forever. So i ordered 3 tray for Hexes GW Pot (since they recommend ordering the largest pot, to accomodate your multiple different sized pot). At 40$/each, i was expecting alot. And i can say i wasn't dissapointed.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Warlocks ; DONE!

Finally finished my Warlocks last night. Ok, ok, i have to admit, they aren't 100% finished, as i still need to figure what i want to do with the front plate, but they are painted tabletop standard.

I obviously still need to find out how to do the bases, but i should have that figured out this weekend when i'll try casting my first batch of Resin. If it works like i'm hoping it will, i should have some lightly tinted blue transparent ice to use on my base by sunday.

For now, lets see what i achieved with the 10 of them ;

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dark Elves, 2500 pts list

Now that my Warlock and Dark Rider are nearly finished, its time to think about what i want to build/paint next to have my 2500 pts ready.

Instead of going the route i used since the book was released (sorc lvl4, block of witches+Cauldron, 2 Kharybdiss, etc), i decided to go a different route, and aim at something a bit different ; A dragon list.

Yes, a dragon list. To give you an idea, last tournament, i played 3 empire player in 3 games, faced 5 cannon, 4 hellblaster, and overall, had ALOT of problem with gunline type list. So why a dragon? Because i never played with one. Ever.

Dreadlord on Black Dragon 548 pts
Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Lance
Armour of Destiny, Dawnstone, Other Trickster's Shard

1+ armor rerollable with a 4+ Wardsave. On the charge, he's a decent killer, and after that, i got to count on the dragon to kill armor. Goal is to get him hidden behind house and such until the time is right to get a charge, or just rush him ahead of there's no cannon/hellblaster.

Death Hag on Cauldron of Blood 350 pts
Battle Standard Bearer,
Obsidian Blade

Obsidian blade because i don't want to be bugged down by 1+ armor, and BSB because i can't afford a Master just to hold a banner. I find it risky to roll a BSB on an easy target like that, but hey, my general is riding a dragon!!

Master on Dark Pegasus 186 pts
Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Lance
Cloak of Twilight

The runner. The guy who gets things done. Goal is pretty simple ; kill warmachine, harass behind ennemy line, and overall, be a 186 pts PITA.

33 Witch Elves 408 pts
Hag, Musician, Standard Bearer
Banner of Swiftness

The only thing i'm unsure about them is the banner of swiftness. I used to use the Razor Standard, but soon realized that its pointless to have AP against 1+ armor cavalry (which is my army bane).

2x 5 Dark Riders 220 pts
Repeater Crossbows, Shield

Because no Dark Elves army should leave home without them, Dark rider are in. i kind of wanted to go with 3 units, but decided instead to go with Crossbows and a few more witches.

26 Executionner 342 pts
Draich Master, Musician, Standard Bearer

26 isnt much. I actually like to have them an even number, like 30. Sadly, i have to cut some pts, so they're the first one to go.

Bloodwrack Shrine 175 pts

Goes with the Executionner, making the unit much, much bigger. The stare is very nice, and the fact they gain a Ld points is nothing to sneeze at. With that, i can put them far away from the BSB without fear.

2x5 Doomfire Warlocks 270 pts
Master of Warlocks

Champion is really just there because i need a command model to grab objective, so its basically 20 pts wasted. Warlock are my only caster in the unit, which means i have just 1 debuff and 1 magic missile... nothing else. It sure gonna make it alot more challenging, and i'm up for that!

So here's my 2500 pts list. I should be trying it out this weekend, where we have a 3 games tournament.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Dark Elves Warlock WIP

Today was again a good day for painting. I managed to finish the warlock's skin, their hair, the hoof and some random bits. Still left to do is the weapons and odd metallic bits.

The only one with a blade partly painted. I think the finished look is pretty nice so far. Still need to decide on the horse front plate.

In the end, i went with the same color as the horses exactly, not adding any shade to the hair (just like the Witches). Jury's still out to decide if it look finished or not. I think it does, but some could say it doesnt.

I decided to paint the horse briddle black, just so it doesnt attrack attention in any way. Doubt i'll add any highlight. Once the metallic bits are painted, i think it'll be enough color already.

With the correct base, i think these will look amazing... or at least i hope.

Once grouped up, it really starts to look like a finished unit, and i actually can't wait to have them next to my witches/Cauldron on the table.

The 10 of them are actually painted exactly like that. Tonight i'm hoping to do at least 1/4 of the weapons, and finish the rest tomorrow.

In other news, i just ordered ;
1 Dragon
2 Chariots
1 Box of Dark Riders (thinking about turning them into heroes, or maybe just Dark Riders)
1 Dark Shrine, to go with my Executionners
1 Box of Executionners, to bring the new model total to 30, and the total (old and new) to 60.
1 Bretonnian Pegasus Knight, to make a Dark Pegasus Master.
Magnetized tray for the whole unit (from Back-2-Base)
Paint Rack (from Back-2-Base).

Looking forward to Christmass morning 2.0.