Friday, 15 March 2013

ND Open V - Battle Report

ND Open is finished, and i’m very happy to say that i got what i wanted ; a load of fun, and a load of good comments on my army. The only bad comment came from the judge, who pointed out that my toad didn’t have a base done like the others.

Not my picture, but my army

I finished 22nd (out of 50 players) in Best General. It’s roughly what I was aiming for. I hadn’t tried my list nor even the new book prior to the tournament, so I wasn’t really expecting to do too well. I think with a few more game under my belt, I could have done a lot better. (my score : 100.5, best score : 143)

I also finished 12th overall in best Sportmanship. This isn’t really representative on how well you behave or how well your list is played, since, well, it’s so subjective. So I’ll just be happy that I wasn’t too far down there. (my score : 117.5, best score : 128)

I finished tied 2nd in Best Presentation, which is pretty much where I was hoping to get (I really wanted the 1st place, but I knew there would be 2-3 army better painted than mine up there). I quite frankly don’t mind all that much that I didn’t bring back the price, because frankly I was just very happy to be considered one of the top painted army. Definitely feels like it paid off to spend so much time painting a whole 2500 pts army in  roughly 6 months. It was fun, and I’m happy about what came out. I’m definitely looking forward to next year, with either more added to the carnival, or a completely new army (most definitely another Chaos God). (my score 110, best score : 120)

And I finished….. 3rd (!!!!!) Overall. That’s quite a surprise. It’s not something I was expecting at all (was aiming at a top 15), and that alone put a big smile on my face. I did face some pretty strong list (especially on my first game, where I faced a Ld bomb army from old Daemon book). (my score 338, best score : 389)

After the cut, my list, and battle report.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Plague Drone of Nurgle completed

Well, first i must say i'm sorry i didn't post much WIP of these, as i was in a pretty big rush to get everything completed in time. Good news is ; i'm done! And i still have 48 hours left to read my book and learn about Daemons, yay!

So when the book was released, i purchased the book, the magic card (obviously) and 2 Plague Drone of Nurgle, without really knowing if they are good or not. I just figured i'd field them anyway, so why not buy enough to do whatever i want? In the end, my list this weekend will include 6 of them.

So lets see some pictures

No we do not fly, we "hover"

As you can see, they are using the yellow from my Nurgling. A pretty weird choice, but i figured if i painted them with a green tint, it would end up a green plaguebearer on a green fly on a green base... too green for me. So i went with Yellow.

The armor is black, as i figured there was enough color in there already, and it was a good color for the small bits like the tips of their many legs.