Monday, 27 May 2013

Grey Knights : The armor - a Test.

Tonight i decided to give a go at testing my armor painting scheme. Since i want to use purple, and as little color as possible, i figured i could try shading a bit with purple.

The result so far isnt so bad imho.

The writing isnt finished by any means, i only started on the base color, to give a rough idea on how those 2 would work together.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Grey Knight.... wait.... what?

So yes, i decided to go with Grey Knight as my new army. Though long and hard about starting a new fantasy army for the next big tournament next year, but decided against it for two reason ;

I like to play, and 40k give me more opportunity to play.
I like 40k, but the Dark Eldar were feeling a bit... boring (ok, on go, we shoot everything at ennemy, and hope that we have enough left after his shooting to shoot again!).

Terminator armor is unknown to me.
Psychic power is unknown to me.
Deep Strike is unknown to me.

With this army, i get it all! And just like my Ogres, i don't need to paint that many model to get a complete army (at 1500 pts, all i need is roughly 10 Terminator, 2 HQ and 2 Dreadnought).

Friday, 24 May 2013

Daemon Prince ; Bite off more than i can chew?

Sometimes, i have ideas.
Sometimes, they are even good ideas.
Sometimes, i also try to make them a reality.
Sometimes, it works.
Sometimes, it doesn't.

Right now, i'm not 100% sure where my Daemon Prince stand in the "works" or the "doesn't works" column. I had great plan ; From a terrorgheist, building a unique Daemon Prince out of bits and green stuff.

Right now, i'm about 10% into the project, and i'm just not sure if i'll be able to finish it.