Tuesday, 24 September 2013

DArk Elves Rumors ; Rules!

it keeps coming!

The sisters of slaughter are rares: enemies is base contact with them lose rank bonuses.

Hydras are specials can upgrade to get a strength 4 breath attack, no regen but can regrow heads (recover lost wounds) just like the slann can with his discipline.

The kraken thing has a special ability that triggers when all 5 of its attacks hits ( gets an extra attack that inflicts additional hits) has a scaly skin save and causes terror. Enemy models in base contact must re roll successful leadership tests. Both use the monster and handler rules.

They have 2 signature spells just like high magic. One of the spells goes off on a 8+ and grants a unit +1 strength and then you gain D3 power dice but if you gain 3 power dice this way the wizard suffers a wound with no saves allowed.

The army has always strikes first.

Murderous Prowless: models with this rule re roll 1s when rolling to wound.

Wizards casting Dark Magic add plus 1 to their casting attempts.

Dark Elf ; Pictures!


Pictures are up, and i'm not too happy.

 Wyches.. seriously, wtf?
 Wyches #2
 Altar? i love my old better.
 Warrior, i guess... not much change.

 Again warrior. A mixt of old warrior and Cold One's ?
 Wyches? Wardancer? I don't know anymore
 Again, wtf? the head is very ugly imho...

Friday, 13 September 2013

Dark Elf Rumor, time to get excited?

Dark elf been my second army ever in Fantasy, as i was tired of loosing with my Ogre Kingdoms (back in 7th, it was a pain). So when i saw rumor of the new army book around the corner, i got mixed feeling ; excited because the book will finally get updated, and annoyed because my metal Witch elves, Executionner, Black Guard and even the Hydra will get a plastic version. That's alot of model, and, as usual, GW will make sure my old model feel so bad, i'll need to replace them (and only use them in very rare occasion that i'll play huge game).

The only rumors i found so far are about the look of the new models. Everything sound awesome (better than WoC's cthulu type of beast i hope).

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Grey Knights - Techmarine WIP #2

Slowly, very slowly, my Techmarine is taking shape. I'm very happy with the result so far, i think the skintone really pop on the red armor, and the black metal look pretty awesome with so much white edge.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Grey Knights - Techmarine WIP #1

In our monthly challenge, september is all about one of the most "boring" part of the FOC, the elite slot. Since my goal is to have some sort of Adeptus Mechanicus Inquisition at some point in the future, i figured the best elite slot to paint would be a techmarine.... and lets face it, the model is pretty nice.

So i started working on a very standard red techmarine, hoping to have him fit with the army in some very weird ways ;

My Grey Knights are a very light blue armor, with red weapon. My inquisition will be the other way around ; red armor and light blue weapons, most likely going for some OSL effect. OSL didnt feel right on the GK, but it does with the Adeptus Mechanicus...

Painting Commission #01

Well, took me awhile to get back to painting, thanks to a new house, and a camera i couldnt find.

In the meantime, i managed to get myself a commission, that i'm really just doing for fun. And depending on the success, i might consider expanding my service. Basically what i got to do is paint 2 spacemarines ;

A librarian, Games-Workshop scheme paintjob
Some blood angel with a special gun and a jumpack (i think? Sorry, i don't know much about space marines in general). This one has to fit with the 30 or so others the client already had painted.

Please keep in mind i'm charging 20$ to paint both, and i even went as far as magnetize the librarian's left hand, So while its a detailed job, it's more of a high standard to me than the-best-i-could-produce-at-this-time type of job.