Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Grey Knight - Draigo!

Been awhile since i worked on my Grey Knights (well, nothing since finishing my Librarian).

I lost a bit of motivation to paint (Thank to steam and their summer sale), so progress on my army been pretty slow.

August is a troop choice to paint, so my hope is to paint 5 new Paladin + the current one. Until i go and grab those new paladins, i figured i could try and finish Draigo before moving on something else.

Sorry about the blurry picture

Friday, 19 July 2013

Grey Knight - Librarian Finished

Wow, that one went quickly. Didn't really want to drag him on forever, so i spent a few more couple hours to finish him. I'm happy with two thing about him ;

1- He was quick to paint. I got the model wednesday after all. Ok, i did paint roughly 12-15 hours in 3 days, but still.
2- I stuck with my limited palette. Didn't add a single color to what i was already using, even on the flesh.

Bazinga! Ok, i already feel bad about saying bazinga....

Grey Knight - Librarian WIP

Well, i have to say, i'm very proud of myself.

I got myself into a paiting competition, where we need to pain, for example, a HQ in july. I bought the librarian Wednesday after work, and i have to say that i'm very, very happy how close he is to be completed, and even happier about the quality i pulled so far.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Grey Knight - Dreadnought count-as nearly finished

Had a few hours that i couldnt sleep last night so i figured i may as well work some more on my Dreadnoughts. I decided to tackle the Autocannon, and see how i could do with the airbrush. I also decided that before i lose their head, i was better off painting it and glueing it.

So here goes, a first picture of the whole thing as it stands ;

Obviously, i'm still far, far from done, but the weapons almost give it a feeling of complete-ness. I could play him as is and not feel bad about it. But the body still has at least 4-5 hours left before i can call it done.

Once i was done with the airbrush, it just looked cheap, so i figured some edge highlight would really make it pop... and i think it worked. I might add some black lining here and there to break the airbrush paint a bit, but its pretty much 90% done.

Next up, a small update on my Daemon Prince

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Nurgle Daemon Prince WIP #1

So after a pretty long Daemon hiatus, i decided to start again on my Daemon Prince for the next tournament in august. I have plans for 3 project until then + moving to a new house. Will i be able to complete it all? probably not, but at least, it's keeping me motivated for now...

My Daemon Prince will replace my GUO for most of my Fantasy game, since i think the GUO is way too easy of a target for opponent cannon.

Obviously, he'll be carnival-ized too, but for now, i'm just bulking him up a bit.

I could probably talk about my inspiration for him. When i re-watched Lord of the rings a few months ago, i found that General which i though would be a great Nurgle model, so i started thinking about a DP looking like him a bit...  Obviously, that General was Gothmog.

Ain't he lovely?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Best and Worst army in Warhammer , version 2013

A while ago (January 2012), i posted what i believed was the race ranking in the warhammer fantasy universe. Obviously, since then, a lot of book were release, so much changed.

A link to the last post ;

And now, the review ;

Monday, 1 July 2013

Grey Knights - DreadKnight almost finished

The DreadKnight is a very interesting model, and i'm pretty pleased with how he came out so far. He really feels like a giant Terminator, which is what i was aiming for.

Tonight i completed most of the gold and added a few highlight to the black, which i'm not 100% happy about yet....

I have no clue how to magnetize the sword yet, so for now, he's just staying unglued.

I also went a few extra miles to give the sword hilt a bit more blending, and i think it worked pretty nicely.

Obviously, its not perfect yet, but i think i'm really getting there.

Later this week, i'm hoping to finish the detail on the Terminator so i can attach everything together and move on to the next ; the two contemptor.