Monday, 21 January 2013

Review : Back 2 Base IX movement tray

For a very long time, i though about purchasing stuff from Back 2 Base IX, but the idea was always pushed away since nothing affected my paint or my games, so i instead spent my money on an airbrush and similar toys. But earlier this month, i decided that i couldnt wait any longer and decided to place an order with them.

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #9

Took a day off today to work on my Plaguebearers some more. After 5 hours, i'm very happy with the result.

As they were this morning.

As i left them 5 hours later

After those, only 10 will be left to paint to bring their total to 70. A pretty big number, which i'm very proud of. You'd have a very hard time finding 2 identical model, which is pretty impressive considering there's that many of them...

Now a few individual shots.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Woc Rumor #2 ; Pictures!

Fresh pictures for the February 2013 release of Warrior of Chaos

Another Rumor of interest : Daemon of Chaos (Fantasy!)

Taken from

New Models (cut this list into two equal sized waves - one with the codex, one following up a quarter later). 

  • All four Greater Daemon plastic kits with named options
  • Plastic Furies, dual-option kit with "Flesh Terrors"
  • Plastic Khorne Chariot, herald, dual kit with a cannon, pulled by Bloodcrushers
  • Plastic Tzeentch Chariot, herald, dual kit with "flame-beast" pulled by screamers, ( 40k: a Skimmer)
  • Plastic Nurgle Palanquin, (chariot), carried by Nurglings, (combines with Nurgle GD kit for named character model - Ku'gath)
  • Nurgle Plague-flies (40K-Elites - Jetbikes, WFB-Rares - Monstrous Cavalry)
  • New Daemon-engine, bipedal with atypical porportions, uses ectoplasmic weaponry of CSMs, has numerous options for CC or Ranged loadout. (40K- Heavy, WFB-Special)
  • New Daemon flying MC. (40K-Fast Attack-flyer, WFB-Rare)

Given that the daemons are getting chariot/ironblaster type kits it wouldn't surprise me to see the same thing with the WoC chariot.

So, apparently we get a chariot that shoot too!

Ku'Gath finally getting a nice plastic model? that would be very fun, especially if he decrease in cost to be included in a 2500 pts game.

Plastic Fury, i don't really care quite frankly, unless we can mark them, then it would be awesome.

Plastic Nurgle Palanquin carried by Nurglings. This is interesting, since the only palanquin we can easily get is Epidemius.

Good news is that the famous plague flies will be in fantasy too, as monstrous flying cavalry? That would be awesome.

Daemon Engine, i'm not sure. Their attempt at fantasy-fying the Soul Grinder failed miserably. Sure, its a good occasion for the sculptor to have fun, but i'm just not sold on the whole idea.

Daemon Flying MC? Bring it on. They won't see much play, since big monster tend to die quickly in 8th, but its fun for shit and giggle once in awhile.

Woc in February? time to get excited

Not much for now, except a small picture, and some date, seems like February 2nd is a nice time to head to your local Game Workshop store!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #8

A few shot of my Nurgling' tamer

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #7 and Plague Toad

Today, a little bit of everything.

First, i "completed" 3 more plaguebearers, and a little addition i forgot to post up until now.

one Nurgling Tamer, and 3 Clowns.
A bit hard to see, but the tamer have a tentacle growing from his arm, for a nurgling to jump.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Review : Town House by TableTop World

When my wife asked me what i wanted for christmas, i figured it was the best time of the year to ask for some terrain for my warhammer table, which is empty for fantasy. So i asked her for a few things from Tabletop World, without really knowing what they're like, minus their homepage and their thread on Warseer.

Today, i present you, the Town House

As presented on the Tabletop World site

Friday, 11 January 2013

Review : Forgeworld "Made in China"


Before we go any further, i must warn you. I am neither for nor against replica. This post is a review from something bought on Ebay, which has strong chance of being counterfeit. If you do not agree with these kind of purchase, please do not click "Read More"

**End Disclaimer**

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Look at Canada post delivered today!

Today was like christmas (well, actually, about 75% of it was christmas gift that arrived late) ; i finally received my order from Tabletop World and my other order from ebay.

So for the next week or two, you'll see review of what i purchased, and my impression of these kits.

First, lets look at what i received, Over 400$ of resin godness. ;
The yellow resin is Tabletop world, the bags are "forgeworld"

Click the link for more; 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Great Unclean One

A few weeks ago, after a game where my Dark Elf ass was handed to me, someone kindly told me that a metal GUO was for sale in used for just 25$. Considering i was contemplating buying the Forge World one, i figure it was a steal, even if i HATED the model.

One of the biggest issue i had with him was that it was just ugly. After a while trying to figure out how to paint him, i realized something else was bugging me ; he wasnt fitting at all with the plaguebearers ; his wounds were very oddly shaped, his guts weren't hanging out, he seriously was just some big ass model without much to offer. I attempted to fix at least one problem, making his guts hanging out.

He's not my favourite model, and i think it shows on the paint, not my favourite paintjob either. I tried to go for a not so unified skin color, adding many different shade and highlight, but the result was far from what i was aiming for. A very big learning experience.

So here is, mister Great Unclean One, the Carnival's main attraction. Still unnamed.

Pretty happy with his guts. Not perfect, but i managed a good job at hiding the joint with his belly.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #6

Tonight i finished 5 more plaguebearers ; my flyboy. There's no real reason why i went with flies, except that it really fits with the nurgle part of my theme. They were a kick to build, but not so much fun to paint, and it shows ; they're not my best, imho. Still, they add variety to an already very diversified army. I can also use them as Furies, if i ever feel like fielding them.

5 flies. 7 would been better i guess, but i though that too many would draw too much attention to them, and not the theme

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Nurgle Carnival - Plague Bearers WIP #5

Today there is not gonna be that many picture of the remaining Plaguebearers. They arent really any diffrerent than the other, except for their clownliness. A carnival couldnt happen without clowns, right?

8 Clowns sitting in a tree...

So this is all the Plaguebearers i have left completely painted. What is left is my Great Unclean one, and my unfinished Plaguebearers and unit fillers.