Monday, 30 May 2011

Aboriginal idea Part 2

I wanted to add some more dot painting to my army, and hopefully more aboriginal ideas...

So i came up with this for my wooden Big Stabba, Shaman's staff, Banner pole ; Didgeridoo. Some are simply work of art, and i think this could easily be used with some Orcs pattern present on the wooden part of the army...

Here's some examples ;

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Calzag Part 1

My fourth orc is on the way. This time i decided to go for the big stabba upgraded one, with just one Orc carrying it (looks funny imho, like someone who picked a weapon too big for him).

For him i dusted off my Windsor & Newton (don't ask me why i dont use it more often... think i'm just scared to damage its perfection). Such nice brushes, nothing compared to the Pebeo i usually use.

For this one, nothing out of ordinary for now, but since he's on a 50x25 base (usually), he'll get some special attention when i'll get to do it (which should be in about 10-15 more Orcs). I have no clue what i'll do about his warpaint yet, maybe something related to his Big Stabba....

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Arhugg and Buzzrog warpaint finished

One last post for tonight ; i finished my two savage orc warpaint. Pretty happy with the result, and definately looking forward for a complete unit of them painted that way..... 2 down, 38 to go (because i did decide to bump their number to 40...)

First a Family picture. Wurrzag do not have warpaint yet, as i'm waiting to see after a few more Orc what is the best looking mix of color/sized/pattern dot, before committing to painting his.

 Like i said previously, i want to have different pattern on the back of each of my Orc, so this one is kind of looking like a rising sun between two hills, or, well, i let you think of some weirder signification.

Arhugg's warpaints Part 2

Following my wife's advice (she got some kind of certificate on anthropology, and australia always been one of her favourite subject), i added some color. I wouldnt call it done yet, as i think it still needs something on the lower part of the leg and maybe something on his fingers, but i think it gives a pretty good idea what it'll look like. None will be 100% alike, but all will have those 3 color, with roughly the same pattern.

One thing that wont be present on all, is the design on his back. I got a few idea of what i could do (arrow, cross, simple form like that).

Arhugg's warpaints

So here's a test i did on Arrhug (Since i didnt really like his skintone anyway). That's pretty much what i have in mind ; warpaint arent drawing on the body, but a ritual, so dot painting make sense. It also really fit with my aboriginal influence.

Obviously, its not finished ; only the first half is done (other side will be the same thing), and i think i'll add some other on his legs and forearms.

There's a few thing i'm not 100% happy bout, such as the face. But i didnt want to touch the reddish nose and ears, so i was pretty limited on the space i had to paint. Eyebrow are a nice touch imho. Another place i didnt like was on his chin, as their chin is pretty weird, its hard to get a straight line in. I might go for something else than dots for that place.

For the rest, a few line may get added beside the dots (instead of two parallel lines of dots).

Anyway, here's the picture of my test model, Comment welcome ;

Friday, 27 May 2011

Ogres vs Tomb Kings

First Game vs the new Tomb King

Last night i had the chance to finally face the new Tomb King for the first time (and the army as a whole for the 3rd time). My opponent was on his first game with the Tomb King, so i wouldnt really say he was 100% sure of what he was doing, but he's a true veteran of Warhammer Fantasy, and a good general, so i knew it wouldnt be a walk in the park, or at least i expected it to be.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Aboriginal idea

i think i settled on the type i want. Unsurprising, i decided to go with Australian aboriginal body paint. I have a soft spot for Aboriginal Paint (actually own 2 piece in my house, which i'm very proud of).

here's a few example of what i got in mind (and white is actually a nice idea i think). This also help reminding me that this kind of body paint is different for each one, despite the fact its using roughly the same style or geometry.

On this picture, what stuck me is the far right guy, on his legs. I wouldnt go with something as extreme as this (well, it could be an idea if i want to make a Hero/Lord out of a normal guy).

Something quite simple, but still very effective. Dot like these could be easy to achieve, and i think the final result could be very good on the scale of orcs.

Lastly, different pattern, that prove that it can still be made and looks like part of a "band", as long as it use the same technique.

Good news is that if i decide to go these way, i could also paint my banner in the same way (if you want to know what i mean, google "aboriginal dot paint").

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Buzzrog Part 3 : it's all in the details

Buzzrog is slowly getting finished. There's only left to paint ;
the wood on weapons
the belt (which i have no clue what color to paint)
the warpaint (which i also have no clue what color to paint)

For the belt, i'm starting to consider painting it wood grain like, since i dont want any metal in my army. I should have though about it before, i could have trimmed the spike on the plates...

Anyway, here's some pictures.

I purchased 30 of them... with only 1 done, i'm about 28 1/2 left to build/paint. Here's the trio so far ;

Once Buzzrog is finished, i think i'm gonna start painting my Arachnarok, even if i wish i could have painted it with an airbrush... I did some putty job on it, and i just can't wait to see how good it'll look on a big model. I attempted the putty on Buzzrog neck and arms's connection to the body, and i think it did an amazing job to smoother the joint.

But with all the new release coming soon for the Dark Eldar, i might slow down my Orcs (is that possible?).

Friday, 20 May 2011

I ain't no Juggalo...

But this sure helps get in the mood for some painting.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Buzzrog Part 2 : in the face

Did some work on the face tonight. Still some detail to finish, that most people wouldnt notice unless looked up close (like his gum).

I think i made up my mind about the warpaint ; Orange turning yellow. Testing should be happening over the weekend, depending if i get the time/motivation.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Buzzrog Part 1

So i started working on my second Savage Orc, named Buzzrog. He's much closer to the skin color i'm aiming for. I think i did a decent job with him. I still got loads of job to do, but i think its a pretty nice start, and only took me about 3 hours.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Orc and Goblins ; the list

My O&G army is something i want to approach differently ; I started playing my Ogres because i didnt like the idea of painting little models at 5 pts a piece. I started playing my Dark Elf because i wanted to win once in awhile (because lets face it, Ogre Kingdom wasnt really a powerhouse in 7th ed, especially since i was a beginner at that game). As my skill improved (both as a general, and as a painter), i decided to pick up a new challenge when i started my O&G. For that reason, this army is gonna be special.

I am not looking at the best list, or at a list i could take against anyone and have a chance to win. I want a list that i'll be able to bring to an evening game, and have fun playing it, no matter if its because i got extremely lucky or because my only main 2 units decided to fight each other 2 round in a row.


Didn't decide on the warpaint yet, but i've painted another Orc. Not too happy about how his skin came out ; he ended up much darker than i wanted, and for some reason the paint ended up really glossy too. But i like how the rest came out, and i think that a complete unit painted to that standard should look really good on the table...

I'll call him... Arhugg.

Next to wurrzag.

The fact that the skintone didnt come out as i wanted it will help also having different skintone amongs a unit.