Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Plague Drone of Nurgle completed

Well, first i must say i'm sorry i didn't post much WIP of these, as i was in a pretty big rush to get everything completed in time. Good news is ; i'm done! And i still have 48 hours left to read my book and learn about Daemons, yay!

So when the book was released, i purchased the book, the magic card (obviously) and 2 Plague Drone of Nurgle, without really knowing if they are good or not. I just figured i'd field them anyway, so why not buy enough to do whatever i want? In the end, my list this weekend will include 6 of them.

So lets see some pictures

No we do not fly, we "hover"

As you can see, they are using the yellow from my Nurgling. A pretty weird choice, but i figured if i painted them with a green tint, it would end up a green plaguebearer on a green fly on a green base... too green for me. So i went with Yellow.

The armor is black, as i figured there was enough color in there already, and it was a good color for the small bits like the tips of their many legs.

Hovering less than 1/16 of an inch above the swamp...

At first, i really wanted to give them transparent wings like my Fly Plaguebearers, but after some quick test, i didnt really like how they looked ; too fragile and too thin.

So instead i "faked" the look, going with a white and the same technique i used on the wings. The effect is pretty nice (imho), and wasn't too hard to reproduce on everyone. And most importantly ; it was much, much faster than any other idea i had.

The other 3. A quick tally put me at roughly 40-50 hours to build and paint them. They were fun to paint, but i sure am happy they are finished.


  1. You sir, are a machine.

    These look very cool.

  2. I think you should try a very dark grey dry brush over the armour parts of the flies. The problem with painting pure black is that you lose a lot of detail :( Other than that though these look great, and I really love the effect on the wings :D

  3. How did you do the wings? I really like how they look and would love to know how you did it.