Wednesday, 5 March 2014

ND VI - Battle Report #1

Past weekend, i went at a 6 games tournament with my freshly painted Dark Elf Army, knowing full well i didn't play enough game with that list, or with the new book.

I brough a list that left little to no surprise, and here it is ;


Supreme Sorceress
lvl4 of life
Dispel Scroll
Ironcurse Icon
Talisman of Preservation

Death Hag
Battle Standard Bearer
Cauldron of Blood
Obsidian Blade

Dark Pegasus
Cloak of Twilight
Heavy Armor + Sea Dragon Cloak + Shield + Lance

2x5 Dark Riders
Repeater Crossbow + Shield

30 Witch Elves
Full command
Razor Standard

21 Executionners
Full command
Gleaming Pendant

Bloodwrack Shrine

2x5 Doomfire Warlocks
Master of Warlocks.

Game 1 vs Lizardmen (his army finished 3rd in painting... so very, very nicely painted army, and very colorful)

Scenario ;
Each player place  an objective on an imaginary line 10" from his board edge. If you hold it, its 6 pts. if you hold both, its 3 pts (so 15 pts possible), the other 15 pts is VP.

His list ;

Slann lvl4
BSB + Skavenspelt Banner
Channeling Rod
Reroll 1st failed dispell
Loremaster of default spell
+2 channel dice
+1/-1 Miscast table roll

Scar Vet on Cold one
Light armor + Great weapon
Dragonhelm + Luckstone

Scar Vet on Cold one
Light Armor
Sword of might + Charmed Shield + Dawnstone

Skink Priest
lvl1 Heaven
Dispel Scroll

35 Saurus with halberd, full command

3x10 Skinks

27 Temple Guards with Halberd, full command

2x5 Skinks Cameleon

Ancient Stegadon

2x Salamanders

Deployment ;

Obviously, with so much skinks, i didnt really get to pick what went where (which was pretty much the story of my tournament), so my WE and Executionners ended up pretty much straight in middle, with a unit of Dark Rider staying back for objective, and the rest of my Fast cav trying to hold the skinks swarms...

On his side, there was 3 units of skink on my left, followed with Temple guard + Slann in middle, flanked by Saurus, ancient steg and skinks...

1st turn ;

i don't get to go first, So on his shooting phase, he destroy a unit of fast cav on the top right, and kill some warlocks in both units
On my turn, both unit of warlocks charge skinks, and my Peg Master decide to move to flank one of his Scar Vet... not that i really wanted to charge him, but just keep him wondering... in my games i often like to play on the mental of my opponent... sometimes a unit will not kill anything, but the whole psychology of his presence is enough to win you a game...

So obviously, both unit of warlocks easily win their combat, top right managing to overrun past the ancient Steg, and the other just hanging there, in the middle of a shooting gallery....

2nd turn ;

On his turn, he stard moving his stegadon to flank charge my witches, and, as you can see, his skinks finish my Warlocks... or almost... he never ralllied. He also moved his Salamanders to try and shoot at my Executioner, but thanks to the huge Shrine footprint, he only manage to kill 4 or 5....

On my turn, i charge my pegmaster on the side of his salamander, to clear the way, and avoid another round of shooting... and i especially didnt want to give my Executionners side to his saurus... Warlocks reform basically just to see his side of the board, and hope to get a good magic phase for a good ol' 4d6 doombolt.... which btw, i NEVER managed to cast, all tournament....

The funny thing ; one of his scar vet failed the LD test after i destroyed the salamanders, and fled to the other side of the planet... failed to rally the next turn, but rallied before the end (and the table edge).

Turn 3 ;
Failed to take pictures (figure!) but basically ;

He charge his stegadon on the side of my witches ,hoping to survive, but force them to overrun after him, showing my flanks to his saurus... he.... forgot about the supreme b**ch, Hellebron, who killed by herself the steg, and just gave me free 200+ pts...

His other scarvet charged my Peg Master, and his Temple guard charged my Executionners... That's.... alot of them.... a really big lot... but in the end?

Executionner > Temple Guard, especially when the medusa "in base contact", managed to kill 4 before any hit are done... it wasn't pretty, but i won, and he held... and held, and held... by the end of the game, there was no Temple guard left, but his Slann refused to die... which sucked...

After that, it was simply a matter of killing his saurus, which died in drove... i think i killed 20 in one round. We then ran out of time.

in the end, i managed to contest his objective with my 2 remaining warlocks, and held mine with my Dark Riders (which he really, really tried to kill), netting me 12-3 for objective, and since i didnt get his slann, only won by 700 or so, giving me 10 pts....

so a very nice 22-8 to start the tournament.

Next up ; Vampire Count, or how i learned to HATE a table....


  1. Nice first game to start things off! Now I'm off to hobby my Dwarfs hearts out good sir.

  2. Great blog i love how you painted the dark elves i have just started collecting them and would love to do the same colors what did you use and how ?