Monday, 13 June 2011

Build&Bash 1750 pts of Fantasy Goodness

Nothing to help my Orcs project, i decided to participe to the Build & Bash held in town this summer. The goal? paint 1750 pts of Warhammer Fantasy by september 1st.

I though about building my Orcs for that event but decided against it, after thinking that i simply do not want to rush it, and i just want to paint it whenever i want. So, despite the fact that i have about 3000 pts of Orcs to paint, i'm starting yet another project ; 1750 pts of Warrior of Chaos.

Why Warrior of Chaos? First because i can field models that i already own (i have 7 Ogres that i'll be converting to Nurgle Ogres, and i have a Dark Emissary that i'll use as mage lvl4).

Second, because its an army with very few models, which is perfect for that kind of challenge

Third, because i think my listing will be very solid, and since to "win" that event, you have to play in a small tournament also, i think its worth it to have a competitive list.

fourth, because i always said, even a 2 years old can paint nurgle models.

So here is my list (still subject to change)

Sorcerer Lord lvl4 (395 pts)
Mark of Tzeentch
Conjoined Homunculus
Talisman of Endurance
Skull of Katam
Favour of the God

BSB Exalted Heroe (218 pts)
Mark of Tzeentch
Great Weapon
Bloodcurdling roar
Talisman of Preservation

Exalted Heroe (205 pts)
Mark of Nurgle
Glaive of Putrefaction
Soporific Musk
Blasphemous Amulet

22 Chaos Warrior (442 pts)
Full Command
Mark of Tzeentch
Blasted Standard

6 Ogres (360 pts)
Mark of Nurgle
Chaos Armor
Great Weapon
Full Command

1 Warshrine (130 pts)

With mark of Tzeentch, i end up with a mage and a BSB with a wardsave of 4+ and 3+, and my warrior with a 5+ Parry save. The unit will have all 3 heroes in there. With 3+ Armor, 5+ Parry, i think they'll do a nice job of anvil

The Ogres are the hammer of the army, despite being very resilient as well.

The Warshrine is... well... undecided as a model, and as a role (except the obvious Favor of the God)

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