Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Calzag Part 2

Calzag is nearly finished. There's just a few more details left to do such as the gums, and obviously, his bracers and Big Stabba. Considering the big project i have in mind for the big stabba (especially after looking at all the carving on the whole thing), I still have a whole lot of hours left to do with him. I have to say, he's probably my favourite one so far ; I think i really did much better with the skin, and the lighter stone on his belt are a nice touch i think.

I had another idea about adding more aboriginal idea to my unit, but i'm not sure how its possible ; the musician actually playing a didgeridoo. Seems like it would actually be more work than its worth, but i'll definately think about that possibility.

So here's a few WIP shot of Calzag

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