Sunday, 3 July 2011

Savage Black Orc Part 1

Savage Black Orc might sound weird, especially when you know how  different breed those two are, but to follow my theme, and avoid any and all metalwork, i figured that making a Black Orc from a Savage Orc would keep the theme, visually at least.

For now i'm considering using only 1, a Lord, as my General, avoiding my 1000 pts unit to go stupid and miss their animosity test. If once painted i like the result, i might consider trying to make a whole unit of them.

This one, still unnamed, has a few things i'm not completely sold on ;
1- Weapon's arm guard. Would have looked better if the bones were going the same direction as the arm, or maybe smaller.
2- Head. The Jaw armor really works to make a savage version of the Black Orc, but the problem is that nothing is protecting his head, which he should have. But right now, i have no idea what would work. I though about a skull, but what kind? i dont know.

So here's the pictures.

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