Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ogre Rumors Round 2.

Someone, not sure if it was a good idea, posted most of the rules last night on many forum. Unlucky for me, i only managed to get a few glimpse of what was said, but i still managed to get a few good information.

First, the price list.

Tyrant 200 > 210
Slaughtermaster 200 > 250

My educated guess is that our Slaughtermaster wont be lvl4 anymore. If its the case, its gonna be very hard to fit both a tyrant and a SM in a 2500 pts list, especially if you want a lvl4 (i personally can't live without one, even if i go light on magic).

Butcher 130 > 100
Bruiser 130 > 105
Hunter 145 > 130
Firebelly 120

Once again, an educated guess is that our butcher is now lvl1, which means he increase in price by 5. Bruiser going down in price is a nice bonus, making it easier to fit a BSB and a mounted Hunter if we want. The firebelly might end up being my new killy hero, just for his flaming attack (coupled with a unit of IG, this could be the anti-regen we dreamed of, while keeping Runemaw.)

Bulls 35 > 30
Ironguts 48 > 43
Gnoblar 2 > 2.5

A decrease by 5 is nice, very nice indeed. I personally dont see it as a way to put more body on the field, but instead as a way to get more special/rare. a unit of 9 IG and 9 Bulls will be roughly 680 pts, so 2 decently sized unit to babysit our characters.

Leadbelchers 48 > 43
Maneater 80 > 50
Sabertusk 21
Yhetees 65 > 44
Mournfang 60
Gorger 75 > 90

Mixed feeling there. While leadbelchers 5 pts cheaper without misfire is nice, they are still pretty expensive, and if their range stays 12", i'm not sure its gonna be easy to justify using them. Maneater are still too expensive to me, unless they can be very tailored for a specific role i couldnt get otherwise (yes, scout + sniper sound nice, but with a BS of 4, you'll need most likely 6 to hit, and 4 or more to wound. Once the save and all are made, not much been done for a unit that could cost above 200 pts).

Naked Mournfang for 60 pts could be a bargain. If you compare to a Cold One Knight at 27 pts, its hard to justify not using them.

As for the Gorger, my once favourite warmachine hunter just turned into a "maybe if". It's funny how they used to be pretty much the only rare worth it, and turned into a second choice, once everything else has been taken...

Scraplauncher 165 > 130
Ironblaster 170
Giant 175 > 200
Stonehorn/Thundertusk 250

Scraplauncher lowered cost is definately welcomed, allowing us to field 2 of them along with 2 Ironblaster in a 2500 pts army if we want. And for some added variety, you can swap 2 of them for a Stonehorn/Thundertusk.

A rough idea of what my list would look like with the new book :

Fully kitted Slaughtermaster
BSB with good defense (usually 4+ Wardsave)
9 Bulls
9 Ironguts
6 Mournfang
2 Scraplauncher
2 Ironblaster

I can already hear people screaming "Gunline!". The difference is that if the scralauncher and Ironblaster stays a Chariot, they're gonna be more than just staying back and nuking everything into oblivion. Upgrading to 3000 pts would most likely mean getting a Tyrant+ extra butcher, or maybe removing a Scraplauncher to add a Stonehorn...

One of our special rule is apparently a bonus on the charge, where our impact hit turn into D3 if we roll 10 or more on the charge roll. Is that replacing our bonus to strenght per rank? Most likely, because i doubt anyone would like to see 3d3 S6 impact hit.

The Rumor about our lore is pretty interesting too. First, our attribute, where we regain one wound on a 2+, and take a S6 hit on a roll of 1. It's nice, but it can also make casting really dangerous if you're down to your last wound.

Our signature apparently is making a target stubborn. I think it has to be one of the weakest signature possible, but it can have its use.

We keep our 2d6 S2 no armor save. With so many new big beast running around, its always a nice spell to have.

Our augment is +1 Toughness and Regeneration, which apparently can be upgraded to target everyone within a certain range. I'm still sad these spells are no longer remain in play, but i guess that augmented version can be a definite game breaker...

Our hex is just a panic test to all ennemy within' 18 or 36". I never put too much fait in those test, as most unit are either within range of BSB/General, or immune to psychology. It can probably be nice to avoid some counter charge once you get into close combat, but its not something i would count on.

Lastly, like every other lore, we get a template. I really like this one, not because its very powerful, but because it can do the job, no matter if you pass or not the test. It's basically another initiative test, but the fun part is that if you pass the test, you take a S3 hit. If you fail, you take a S7 hit with D6 wounds. What is left to see is if you can misfire on it or not. If its possible, i personally would stay away from it, otherwise, its the kind of spell i'd attempt once or twice each game i have it.

Are those rumor true? I would hope so, even if there's quite a few thing i do not like about them ; such as the price hike on our Lord and Gorger, the lack of RiP spells, the (apparent) same stats for Bulls and Ironguts vs last book. But the new unit will definately help forget about those annoyance.

Seems like my Orc army just might never get finished....

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