Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ogre Rumors Round 3.

A few more rumor to entertain us while waiting for the new book...

First, Runemaw ; Once considered as one of the best banner in the game, has changed. It is no longer an easy way to redirect nasty spell cast at your Ironguts unit, but completely different.

First, it is now 3x the price, so most likely won't be usable except by a BSB. Second, the effect now is that it allow your ennemy to target another valid unit, nothing else.

Worth it? i dont think so.

Another interesting rule is regarding the Ironfist. It is now just a shield, not adding any attack, and allowing a parry save, apparently even when you're mounted. This would explain how Mournfang get 2+ armor (light armor + Scaly Skin + Mounted + Shield).

Still regarding armor, now bull come with Light armor, and with an Ironfist, they go up to 5+... Pretty nice compared to before.

One last news is regarding the Mournfang again. The guy on top is a standard bull, so expect 3 attacks. This would mean the cat has 4 attacks, at S5. Nice, very nice....

Lastly, our Army wide rule. No more Armor Piercing club, nor No Parry Save club. What we get is D3 impact hit per model as soon as we roll 10 or more on charge distance. A nice tradeoff, but its gonna make opening can alot harder...

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  1. New rumors abound! New Ogre rumors are coming in fast and from what I have seen in the past I think this current round hold water.