Thursday, 18 October 2012

Incubi Done !

So i spent some time working on my old Metal Incubi, switching their paint scheme to what i currently do with my army. The 10 models are complete, but i doubt i'll ever use the 10 of them. With those complete, i'm up to 1300 pts, which i think deserve an army shot.

First the incubi
Some dont have their base yet, they are painted, i just didnt take time to finish them

Then the army shot
Pretty crappy picture, but its the best i can do at 9pm

I realize that alot of people might not agree on my paint scheme, as its "greatly overdone" when it come to rust, and the technique used might not be for everyone's taste. I like to think that this is strickly a tabletop army, and that there's no goal to get any paint reward out of them.

 All that is left to paint/repaint

So this is about it. I have 20 Hellion, 20 Wyches and 5 Wracks left to paint, then i gotta find a cheap bastion somewhere and i'll have everything painted for this army. Not quite sure what i'll do first, i still got an urge to paint something else than Dark Eldar. I might start to work on a small ally army of Eldar (Oh, the irony!). I already have a few idea, like chained HQ, or exodites....

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