Friday, 19 October 2012

Building a table for 40k

I've spent quite alot of time lately building terrain to be able to play 40k at home. Right now i have roughly 7 ruins, with pretty much all done except basing, adding rubble, and painting (so basically, they are built, that's it). They are all built using Foamcore, white glue, and about 10 exacto's blade.

The buildings in their current form

The tape was used to hide the work on the corner, before i started shaving one side...

There's no real goal with these, i just want to try and make building that "fit" together...
Most are 3 story high, and most also pretty much never block line of sight

There's still lots to do ; 
- i'd like, for example, to add some broken "glass" on the 3rd floor's round opening on one building
- i'd also like to do some kind of temple front with that odd plane building you see up front on the last picture. I'd like to make one of those 2 headed bird for it.
- i'd like to add one or two building that completely block line of sight.
- lastly, i need to buy the correct tool to be able to make base for each of these building, then adding rubble.

It's a fun project, and definately is a nice break from painting and playing.

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