Saturday, 3 November 2012

First tournament under 6th edition (1500-1650 pts)

I played my first "tournament" this weekend with my Dark Eldar at a friendly 40k day down at the store. I brought my Dark Eldar to try and see how well they can do outside my basement (my previous games were all agains my friend Orks).

I'm pretty proud to say that i went 2 wins and 1 draw with a far from competitive list (at least, imho).

Here's what i brought ;

Huskblade, Soul-Trap, ShadowField, Combat Drugs, Phantasm Grenade Launcher

6 Incubi
Raider with FlickerField

5 Warriors
Venom with SplinterCannon

5 Warriors
Venom with SplinterCannon

5 Warriors
Venom with SplinterCannon

5 Warriors
Venom with SplinterCannon

10 Wyches
Haywire Grenades, Hekatrix, Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Venom Blade

Fast Attack
8 Hellions
Helliarch,Venom Blade 

Heavy Support
Talos Pain Engine
Additional Close Weapon, Chain Flails, TwinLinked Heat Lance


Razorwing Jetfighter

First game was against an IG with 2 vendetta carrying veteran, mambo, a rocket tank, 2 transport tank with veteran, and 2 heavy support tank playing "Big gun never tire" (the heavy + objective scenario). I stole 1st turn which pretty much gave me a huge advantage early on. My Wyches managed to kill a tank, while my Dark Lance took care of everything that wasn't into cover. In the end, i played the last turn smartly, grabbing 2 objective with my talos and my Ravager, while contesting one. with a single warrior.

Second game was against Sister of Battle, the kill point scenario. This one is pretty simple to explain ; i killed just about anything the first 2 turn, leading 7-0 on 3rd turn, using the time Celestian (sp?) took trying to figure out her jumpack control. But when she came on turn 4, ouch. I draw this one 8-8, which gives you a good idea how bad it went when she came on the board. I badly played my turn 4 and 5, but my opponent did the same when he tried to go for the win, so i guess i can't complain about the result.

Third game was against Dark Angels, playing the 3 scenario objective games. He had 3 terminator unit, one being in a landraider, a heavy support foot unit, a heavy support tank and a transport with 5 guys. Game was pretty much a breeze for me as i managed to kill the landraider on my first dark lance hit, following the transport having the same fate. In the end, i lost 2 unit, while he was tabled.

These result definately gave me the motivation to keep on painting my Dark Eldar army, even if it was a pretty friendly atmosphere, without too much cheese or competitive list. For a tournament, i'd definately reconsider the Talos, that didnt do a single thing for 3 games (except chasing after a tank on my 2nd game), and maybe my hellion who could easily be replaced with another unit of Wyches....

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