Thursday, 27 December 2012

Goal for 2013

With new year just around the corner, its time to write down my goal for the next year.


#1 My goal is pretty simple ; i cannot buy any more models before i start painting them again. I have a complete army, and only 2 models are painted.

Warhammer 40k

#2 Finish at least 10 of my Wyches
#3 Paint up all my Helion
#4 Add a unit of Painted Jetbike or Allies to the army.

Warhammer Fantasy

#5 Finish my 2500 pts army
#6 Build a presentation tray
#7 Play at least 10 games (not including ND V tournament) with them.

#8 Finish my Stonehorn
#9 Build and Paint a new BSB
#10 Add tattoo to my older models.
#11 Play at least 10 games with them.

Orcs and Goblins
#12 Finish buying/building my Orcs Chariots
#13 Finish building/painting my Squig Manglers
#14 Finish buying/building my Doom Diver
#15 Finish building my Savage Orcs
#16 Paint at least 1 characters
#17 Play at least 5 games with them


#18 Add 1 building to my 40k table
#19 Add 3 Craters to my 40k table
#20 Finish basing all my 40k building
#21 Base coat all my 40k building
#22 Build and Paint 2 of my Tabletop building
#23 Build and Paint 2 Tabletop forest
#24 Add another terrain to my fantasy table

Lots, and lots of goal for 2013. Some are pretty easy (building my doom diver), some will require alot more times (like finishing my Nurgle army). Out of the 24 goal i've set, i'm aiming for a 60% success rate.

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