Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Presentation Tray WIP #2

Last night i decided to start my Presentation Tray, since i have very little left to paint this week, and i doubt i'll have any time to do anything next week (with the drone release and all). So i started to do the basic, without any clue on how i'll finish it.
First, what i was aiming for ;

Very basic fly symbol with "Why so serious" at the bottom. Nothing special about it, but i think with the correct color and water effect, it would look very nice.

Currently how its looking. I started carving the sign, nothing too fancy. I need to add more cracks and details, then some coarse, maybe some small rocks, the carnival's attaction, paint, water effect and voila!
ok, actually, its gonna be LOTS of works, especially since i work so slowly, and especially since i don't really wanna do it (but i have to, to bump my painting score a bit).
The tray is roughly 21"x21", which should be more than enough to put 2500 pts in.
My plan is to finish carving wednesday, with hopefully a first layer of paint, then thursday i airbrush the whole thing, for a watery effect friday and saturday. Then i dive into the drone syndrome.

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