Monday, 4 November 2013

Dark Elves : Cauldron of Blood WIP

Spent roughly 10 hours on the model so far, and i can say its about 60% done. My airbrush's needle finally gave up on me, so i got a major setback to finish the rest.

I tried to use as much of the current army color as possible, without adding a new one. So far? So good. As you will see, the color i used on my NMM (can it be even called NMM anynore) is... um... i don't know, i think the blue and the white are a bit too contrasting on large surface. But still, i'm happy with the result, its all that count!

White Walls! Yes, the sidewalls on my wheel are white, completely white. Also, the undercarriage is completely blue for the most part, with some small part still gray for now. Still undecided on what i'll do with the rest of the gray part, i'm kind of tired of painting it (been painting it pretty much 6 hours non stop today).

The cauldron statue holding guy is painted the same color as my witches hair. At first i was considering painting it glossy black like my witches boots, but figured a purple touch would be nice. Right now he's still about half way basecoated Naggaroth Night, and shouldnt get much lighter than that. Might even darken him with black shades.

Front still has alot of work left, especially on the part holding the stairs...

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