Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dark Elves ; Presentation Tray Part 1

Lately i got a bit burnt out from painting (after less than 10 witches, its a bit frightening), so i did other things, like playing XCom and Dota 2. That get old fast so i started another part of the project to ignite a new spark ; my presentation tray.

My goal is pretty simple ; either the Dark elves are about to invade a very quiet little city in the middle of nowhere, or they just left it ablaze, not sure yet.

First thing first, placing the different building ;

I wanted some kind of city on a cliff, so went for a 3 level city, containing 4 building ;
a windmill
2 hourse
a forge

I never really managed to get much done with styrofoam, so i did some quick test on how i wanted to do the cliff

Basically big rocks. I'll add small one to fill in the hole, but that's about it. doesnt look like much, but once a bit more is done, it's starting to take shape!

I'm still undecided if i want to keep the tray ,as its very big, so it's stalling for now, but i'm hoping to finish at least building it in the next 2 weeks.

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