Saturday, 2 August 2014

Carnival of Carnage : Great Milenko's Hall of Illusion Ride.

Today i completed the cart for my Soulgrinder/Hall of illusion experience. I tried to stay as close to possible to the video, while making it as much Nurgle as possible (so alot more "alive" i hope).

The big red "M", with something that oddly look like a penis. Not sure if it was intentional, but i did notice it on the video. No matter what, i stuck with it. After seeing that picture, i think i might have to go over it again and shade it some more. I wanted it really bright green, and that's exactly what i got, but its a pretty bland bright green.

On the wheel and skull, i tried something new ; i roughly used the same recipe for my dark NMM that i used with my Grey Knight, but i skipped a few mid/light green and went straight for a much lighter color. Add alot of "BOOM" to the highlights. I like it.

The Poor Bastard running the cart. He's probably what i like the most about this ; model fits right in, and i like how i painted him.

All of a sudden, that Soulgrinder is getting closer to completition!

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