Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Carnival of Carnage : Violent J, prince of Nurgle

Hey! I'm Violent J. And I'm here... Well, I'm here to kick your ass!
Riddle Box

My big Daemon Prince is advancing near completition. I'm not 100% happy about him, and hearing someone this weekend call him hippo didn't help. The more i paint him, the more i realize that a green stuff job has to be more than just "adequate", otherwise once painted, you see all the faulty details.

As of right now, the face paint is completed, and most of the pustules. the guts are painted, and the surrounding is as well, just like i did on my GUO. What is left to do is figure out what to do with the rest of the skins. I considered tattoos (The real one has tons), but i can't seems to manage to do anything good with them. It always look aweful when i try them. Next i could do is add brown to the shades, and more highlight.

He's big. i mean, he's based on a terrorgheist after all, so he HAS to be big. Covering up all those bones took alot of green stuff, and it took away alot of my freedom on his structure. I don't think it was a good idea to cover up and 60$ models with so many green stuff. Next time, i'll probably just make it from scratch, or start from a used model.

From this picture, what is left to do ;
The hoof feet
the left arms (i want to paint it glossy black)
some pockmark.

When building it, i considered that the FW model had a similar look, with part of his spines showing. I went with the same look, adding glossy reds around. The final result is really good imho.

What is left on this picture ;
Adding ugly strings on his spine "wound"
The skins. On this picture, its really showing my bad attempt at green stuff. Before painting, it looked relatively smooth enough... not anymore.

As much as i love ICP, they have crooked teeth, so obviously, my DP had to as well. For the eyes, i went for my very own color instead of J, because, well, i love this eye color. Was my first attempt at painting an eye with so much details, and i think i nailed it pretty well.

The face paint was a pretty big challenge. There's a world of difference between my DP head and a human head, so i had to adjust it as best as i could.

I added a bit of purple to highlight the black. I didn't want a solid color (kind of like the light blue i used on the white for shades). From a distance, it really shows, and helps take out details. From up close, it add depth.

So this is it for now. Still alot of work to do, and alot of thinking to do before i can call him finished...


  1. I love everything you're doing so far. This is quickly becoming my favorite army.

    1. Thanks. I have to say that this Daemon Prince been much more of a learning experience than expected... I really reached the point that i'm not even sure i want to field one, and this morning, if a Nurgle DP was for sale at our local store, i think i would bough it and scrap this one....

      That's just how annoyed i am with it right now.