Thursday, 30 October 2014

Maggoth Lord and Glottkin rules review and play test

First impression Maggoth Lord and Glottkin.

First off, those who read my blog before know that i am a Daemon of Chaos player before anything, Warrior of Chaos never really interesting me. When i head that the second End Times book would be about Chaos, i was excited.

When i saw the new rules for Legion of Chaos, i was a bit less excited, but that's another story. Today, i'll talk about the 2 new model released with End Times; the Maggot Lords and Glottkin.

When the Maggot Lord were released i swiftly purchased two, planning on playing both Bloab and Moribex the next day at a small local monthly tournament. Since Legion of Chaos wasn't released yet, i played them with the correct rules (provided in the boxes), but the "wrong" Legion of Chaos rules (i wasn't unstable). And since i'm not a WoC player, being forced to challenge was new to me...

Playing them

I took Bloab, because i wanted magic. He's a lvl3, with +1 to cast, so he was able to cast, but missed a spell selection that made him subpar for the lone caster in my army. His catapult is interesting, but he didn't get a single direct hit, nor did i face anything with alot of armor...

Then i took Morbidex. Not because i wanted to boost my Nurgling, but because i wanted a General with some kind of save. Regen isnt bulletproof, but it's better than nothing, especially on a 400 pts model. His offensive stats are barely under Orghotts, so i feel he's a safer bet.

The rest of my list ;
2x21 Plague Bearers
3 Beasts of Nurgle
1 Beasts of Nurgle
2 Nurgling base
1 Soul Grinder of Nurgle
2 Skull Cannon

Now, how it went on my tournament ;

Game #1 vs Skaven.

A skaven without cannon or Abomination, i was pretty confident. In the end, i never really charged them in, since i wasnt sure how good they could do. I did win, and neither really played a big part in the victory (beside, obviously, soaking alot of shooting.

Game #2 vs Dwaft.

A typical gunline, with the worst possible scenario. I had to cross the table, from short edge to short edge, sloooooowly. I tried to hide everything from shooting, instead of rushing in, so i ended up getting Bload shoot down, and Morbidex not doing anything before game ends. I lost by something like 600 pts.

Game #3 vs High Elf.

Now, i understood how the models worked, and felt like i knew they could hold their own in combat... so i did.... and, no matter how many attacks you have, if you roll 1s to wound, you're bound to lose by 2... and run... and rally.... and lose... and run off the table... twice.

Moral of the story? Those models have so many rules, you need to understand them perfectly, and remember them, otherwise they are too expensive for lone characters.


A Mage with T5 8 wounds, with no save beside a 3+, he's pretty expensive at 415 pts. But when you add that he has a catapult at 24" S3 that allow no armor saves, An aura that deals D6 S3 magical attack at 6" around each own magic phase AND +1 to cast and -1 to cast for opponent within 12", he gets alot more interesting.

Yes, before anyone comment, i do think that T5 8 wounds caster at 415 pts is expensive. Just about anything can wound him except S3 arrows. And he can't hide in a units, so he needs to be able to soak some damage....


Same stats as Bloab, except he has 2 more attacks, more weapon skill and regen. this one is alot simplier to play, he's basically the good ol' point and click, without being as stupidly good as a WoC Daemon Prince. He can lose combat when dice wants you to (and believe me, mine did!), but he can also down pretty much everything. His small bonus to nurgling is interesting, giving them a 4+ regen save. His downfall obviously will be challenge, since he can be challenged out of an easy win (and thunderstomp) pretty easily.


I didn't play the guy yet. I plan on trying him out this weekend, but for now, all i can comment on, is what i see on my Glottkin's book.

First, thing first, the base debate. In all publication, he's sideways, like a soulgrinder's base. in the instruction, he's like a chariot, with the short edge front and back. Who's right? hard to say.

He's another beast, with T6 12 wounds and regen (!!!!) and 5+D6 S6 attacks. That's... alot of attacks, alot of wounds, but oddly enough, not much strenght. Sure, he has Ghurk's single attacks who's S10 D6 wound's but against cavalry, he's most likely to bounce off and run away. He's also "only" WS 6, so pretty much nobody hits him on 6s. In that regard, i almost feel like Morbidex is stronger in CC... He does have a pletora of rules, some of them really good ;

Nurgle's Rot. The good ol' rot. Depending how you place his base, that could be very annoying, since everyone in contact takes a S1 no armor saves hit.

He's lvl4. Well, that was to be expected, since he's the chaos version of Nagash.

He gives to everyone within 12" with mark of nurgle or daemons of nurgle a reroll to charge (!!!!) and for some reason that rule (Lord of Nurgle) also make him auto-win "Aura of Chaos" when rolling for rewards. So Park him next to a warshrine, and work on giving him a 4+ Wardsave!

Finally, he has a S3 no armor-save breath, only used in CC.

For 810 pts? Sign me up, anytime.

Next post, i'll show some picture of the models in my hand, and possibly my next project/list.

Also, if you have question regarding any of the 4 lord, please comment, and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. I was worried about the I=1 because "purple sun" type spells will instantly vaporize him. Any thoughts.
    (I pray they will modify those in 9th edition, but I am not holding my breath.)

  2. OH, by the way, thanks for the post! I just got the book and the Glottkin yesterday, and I am frankly overwhelmed as to how to compose an army. I am a WoC player, and at this point, the possibilities with deamons and beastmen are mind boggling.

    I will be playing my friend with his Nagash/Undead army soon, and hopefully when we clash we will both feel good about the new rules...

  3. OH, one last comment - I ended up making Orghotts Daemonspew, which you decided to leave out. I was liking Bloab, but you confirmed my two fears - the stone thrower will miss a lot, and you can always take a "dedicated" sorcerer for the magic.
    One key reason I liked Orghotts is his LD=9 (I was thinking beastmen might become a lot of fun with a good leader) and the highest W,A,and I of the group. But I can see for 45 less points Morbidex is similar.

    OK, another point of confusion, if you misfire Bloab's bilespurter, what happens? I know the Ogre Thundertusk has a similar rule but they say specifically if it misfires it simply doesn't fire this turn. I saw one post that they thought that a misfire means the bilespurter is gone (not the whole model) which sounded like a good compromise, although to me the Thundertusk rule makes more sense. (Why would he lose the ability to hack a luggie, after all!?)

  4. I=1, that pretty much means you NEED a dispel Scroll. Sure, a IF purple sun, you have nothing against it, but you need to be at least able to dispel one standard one.

    Death isnt what it used to be imho. Before, everyone was rolling it, Now, its alot less popular.

    Daemon under the Legion of Chaos rules are meh. crumbling like vampire really hurts, The definite winner on the alliance are obviously Beastmen...

    On Morbidex vs Orghotts... Orghotts has little to no saves against Cannon. Here, i can't play a single game without facing one, so the regen on Morbidex is a BIG plus. Ld8 isnt so much of an issue, since If you're playing daemon, you don't need the LD, and if you play WoC and lose combat, something went obviously wrong.

    on the misfire, we just considered there was no misfire. Makes no sense that a 400 pts guy would die on a misfire roll of 1-2....