Friday, 6 March 2015

The Unsinkables WIP #30 : Finished!

So this is it. in 16 hours the tournament begin, and i can say that i'm 100% complete (ok, maybe 99%, but still close enough).

Last night, i had a realization ; If i want to have any chance at winning some games (lets face it, i'm not winning the tournament with that list), i need to use all the little extra i have... which brings me to the wind of magic table.

Result 12 : Summon from Beyond. 2D6+3 models, anywhere on the table. With an army that move slowly, without any redirector, this is golden.

So i decided to get some Plaguebearers (i know Pink horrors would be better, but i want to stick to all nurgle). For some reason (i guess time, i'm not sure), i decided to go for 7 Pleaguebearers ; It's the nurgle number. I guess i was too excited to realized that 14 works too.... anyway.

Result 11 : Daemonic Possession. Leadership test on a random wizard. If failed, he turns into an Herald. Again, without any redirector, or fast moving unit, an herald can really screw up your ennemy. Again too, Herald of Tzeentch would been better (free wizard!), but for nurgle sakes, i went for a simple Herald of Nurgle.

So last night at 8 pm, i started searching through my pile of WoC and DoC for the missing Plaguebearers and Herald. And i started assembling them and their base, until early in the morning (stopped at 1:30 am....!!).
This morning, once the kids were fed and busy, i started again with the painting, and i just nearly finished them entirely.

The only thing left to do is wash the blood on the herald's feet, and voila! For a 12 (or so) hours work, i think they look really good, but they obviously didnt get the conversion treatment.

Daemon Prince

I finished my daemon prince "Terror from the deep" awhile ago, but never took the time to post picture of the finished product... so here it is!

Get in ma' belly...... phwease?

Pretty happy with the finsl result, especially since i was never sure that i'd finish it. He's pretty weird for a Daemon Prince (no eyes, claws, no legs), but it was intentional...

The tentacle definately doesnt make it look like it can run 8 inches, but its a good way to complete its bottom... the ideas i had for legs sucked....

That little thing in the back yells "DO SOMETHING WITH ME!", but i didn't know what, so i didn't do anything with it.

My next post should be sometimes this weekend (hopefully saturday night), to write a small recap of the tournament, and to share how many critical mistake i made.

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