Sunday, 9 January 2011

First 40k tournament ever

Yesterday was my first ever tournament with 40k. It was a team tournament, with each player bringing 1000 pts (so 2000 vs 2000).

I kept the same list as my test game :
Archon with HuskBlade, PhantasmGrenadeLauncher, CombatDrug, Soul-Trap, ShadowField
5 Incubi with Klaivex and Bloodstone, riding a Raider with Night Shield, Flicker Field and GrislyTrophies
2x10 Wych with Shardnet and Impaler, Razorflails, Hekatrix with PhantasmGrenadeLauncher and Agoniser riding a Raider with Night Shield and Flicker Field
1 Ravager with NightShield and FlickerField.

My teammate had roughly : 
1 warboss
1 bigmek with kustom force field
6 Meganobz
20 Shoota
20 Slugga

1 Defkoptas with Rokkit
2 Battlewagon with Hardcase

Scenario was homemade, with a primary, secondary and tertiary objective. 

Scenario 1 vs Chaos Space Marines and Chaos.
They had :
1  bird like the lord of change.
3 or 4 big things
2 plague bearer unit
5  blood crusher
some chaos space marines with transport
2 Obliterator.

We lost, badly. But some highlight :

Dark lance are great when they cant be shot down. I managed to shot down all their transport, and can kill big things. It's not necessary enough tho to get ride of impossible-to-kill-in-close-combat-units.

Nothing went right in that game outside my darklance, and we learned the hard way that people around here play 'till nothing is left on the table. Seriously, after the 3rd turn, it was sure it was over, so by turn 5, the fact they wanted to keep playing even if i had only 1 transport left is kind of.... well... not-too-sportmanship, or not what i'm used to in fantasy.

Scenario 2 vs Deathwing and Dark Hunter
They had :
1 librarian
2x10 tactical troops
5 Bikes
1 Predator
1 Vindicator
1 Belial
1 Dreadnought
2x5 terminator
1 Landraider

We won, getting the 2 of the 3 objective.

Dark lance failed to do much at first, until i finally managed to get the landraider. Template weapon are a big problem against us, so i gotta consider taking tanks that have such weapon before attempting to charge.

I'm definately happy about my charge on Terminator with my Incubi + a unit of Wyches. They obliterated the unit, but then got smashed by a template weapon from a tank....

Scenario 3 vs Eldar and Ultramarine

We got destroyed.

Droppod destroyed my Ravager on turn 1, which screwed our game from the start. Some bad movement got us screwed. I also learned that Bloodstone is not that great when you do so much damage that the unit flee, and ends up out of range from charge...

What i learned during the tournament :
- in game 1, I learned that when we charge in 40k, we gotta sent it all, and that Dark Eldar can definately charge from a very long distance.
- in game 2, I learned that wyches gotta get in close. They won't necessary whipe what's in front of them, but they can definately hold their ground against alot of things.
- Agoniser is worth its points. when the rest of the wyches fails to hit, he's often the one to turn the combat in my favor.
- I often forgot my Feel no Pain, and various other rules that i'm not too accustomed to.

Now that this is behind me, i'm looking forward to play more games with my Dark Eldar, and paint them up before the end of the year.

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