Friday, 14 January 2011

The Race is On. Deadline March 12th

March 12

Before Northern Defenders 3 (March 12th), i have to paint :

1 Dreadlord on Cold One
1 Sorceress
32 Warriors
10 Dark Rider
14 Witch Elves
3 Cold One.
2 Hydra (one being basecoated, the other not built)

Right now i' in the process of painting the missing 4 Cold one, and i'm hoping to have them and their rider finished before January 21st.

Once those are finished, i'll start working on the 10 Dark Rider, which shouldnt be too hard to paint. With some luck, another 2 weeks should be enough to paint them completely, which place me February 4th.

After them, next project is gonna be the 32 Warriors, which should easily takes 3 weeks (seeing how long it took me to paint the 20 Crossbowmen i'm gonna be using). End date ; February 25th.

If everything goes as planned, that leaves me with just 2 weeks to paint 14 witches and 2 Hydra.

The race is on.

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