Friday, 7 January 2011

First 40k test game

I played my first game of 40k ever today against a store employee, using my list for tomorrow team tournament.

My list was as follow :
Archon with HuskBlade, PhantasmGrenadeLauncher, CombatDrug, Soul-Trap, ShadowField
5 Incubi with Klaivex and Bloodstone, riding a Raider with Night Shield, Flicker Field and GrislyTrophies
2x10 Wych with Shardnet and Impaler, Razorflails, Hekatrix with PhantasmGrenadeLauncher and Agoniser riding a Raider with Night Shield and Flicker Field
1 Ravager with NightShield and FlickerField.

He was playing chaos, with something like this :

Nurgle Daemon that spawn on a champion (sorry, still new to this)
Flying Daemon
1 Rhino with 10 chaos something, with tons of shooting.
1 Land Raider with 5 guys (2 flamer)
1 Obliterator (i think... it come from deepstrike, and just shoot).

Kill Point scenario, with Spearhead deployment. Terrain was basically 9 ruins, deployed in a 3x3 square.

He won the rolloff, and deployed first. I roll +1 attack for drugs.

1st turn, Land Raider shoot at my Wyches transport, and destroy it.

1st turn, All my dark lance shoot at his Daemon, doing 3 wounds.

2nd turn, Land Raider shoot at my Ravager, i make 5+ saves.

2nd turn, my Incubi + Archon charge his Daemon, and fails all attack, and get run down.

3rd turn, move toward my wyches, obliterator pop in front of them. Fails to kill anything. Destroy my Incubis transport's weapon.

3rd turn, i charge his obliterator, and win.1 pain token! Incubi transport run far away from reach to avoid giving KP.

4th turn, he charge my wyches with his Daemon, and lose combat. 2 pain token!

4th turn, i move toward his army, and shoot at his land raider, destroying a weapon. I shoot at his nurgle daemon and do 1 wound.

5th turn, he disembark his 10 chaos marines, and shoot at my wyches, killing 3 (Thanks feel no pain).

5th turn, i charge his chaos marines with both wyches units, destroying 8, but failing to destroy them completely or catch them. I destroy his Rhino.

6th turn, he charge my pain token-less wyches with his nurgle daemon, and destroy them. He also use his flamethrower to do a good job with my other one, reducing them to 6.

6th turn, i charge his last 5 marines, killing 3.

end of games.

i killed :
1 Rhino
1 Daemon
1 unit of Chaos Warrior
1 obliterator

he killed :

5 to 4. First loss.

What i learned :
- No matter how good the Incubi look on paper, bad luck still wont save them.
- Wyches are great. Even with S3 and little power weapon, they can still do good works of most of anything, and survive against alot with dodge.

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  1. Think perhaps some splinter weaponry would have been good vs the daemonprince, darklances are MADE for destroying vehicles - I'd suggest neutralising any threats with high armour (land raiders are great) first thanks to reducing their armour to 12 (lance rule).

    Other than that good work! I like the sound of wyches and cannot WAIT to try mine out :D

    - Beanz