Tuesday, 6 September 2011

First Ogres Kingdoms games under new book.

I would never consider Storm of Magic a good bareme when it comes to figuring out what work and what doesnt in an army, but i played my Ogres last sunday in 2 games of Storm of Magic (3000 pts + 750 pts of SoM), and here's how i fared.

My list ;
1 lvl4 of Maw with Arabyan puzzlebox
1 defensive BSB with Dawnstar Sword
1 lvl2 of beast with Grut's Sickle)
1 lvl1 of Maw
1 firebelly lvl1 with Hellheart

9 Bulls
9 Ironguts
2x10 Gnoblar with trappers
4 Leadbelchers
6 Maneater (3 GW, 3xHW, poison and swiftstride)
3 Ironblaster.
1 Arachnarok.

My first game was against a Tomb King with (from memories) ; 2 Sphynx, a cockatrice, a block of 6 snake rider, a small horde unit of graveguard, a  big horde of skeleton, 2 lvl4, 2 lvl1 and an altar. I won 2 fulcrum to 1.

My second game was against a Dwarft Gunline with : 2 cannon, 2 hellblaster, 2x10 shooter, 3 or 4 runesmith and 3 unit of close combat. It was a tie at 1 fulcrum but probably a win with VP.

Here's a rundown of how my unit performed ;

Leadbelchers never did anything. i tried to shoot for 3 turn at Snake riders, dealing only 2 wounds. They are less likely to die to their shooting, but not that much more devastating. In second game, they didnt manage anything either...I'll seriously reconsider using them in 2500 pts game.

6 Maneaters is a decent number for a unit not attracting too much fire. They managed to kill 1 sphynx by themself (thank to poison), but the great weapon never really proven to do anything worthwhile. In my second game, they were just a fire magnet, taking cannonball and hellblaster shot one after another, and oddly enough, surviving 3 whole turn. I might consider a front rank of extra hand weapon, and a second rank of naked one to save some pts. Definately a keeper.

3 Ironblaster did very good in my first game, not so good in my second. They took out a sphynx in a single turn of shooting, and managed to do considerable damage to the other monsters. In my second game, 2 of them exploded by turn 3, after taking out a cannon and a hellblaster. Nothing will ever beat what the scraplauncher used to be against infantry, but i think they're an easy answer to opponent artillery and big monster. I wouldnt consider using only one tho, as it would do too little to manage to kill anything in a single turn.

2 unit of Gnoblar with trappers upgrade were very good redirector, and terrain testor (!). for 50 pts, they can do a very good job, but just do not expect them to do anything in combat. Their only ability is redirector and making opponent take terrain test (always fun against a horde of 50). Since they no longer bicker, they were very good at staying in front of my ogre without slowing them down too much.

9 Bulls/Ironguts. They're still what they were, only cheaper. Using my BSB and my Slaughtermaster in the front rank was just brutal for my opponent, and with the buff now able to be area of effect, its gonna be easy to field more than just 1 or 2 units. I still think 9 is optimal, but could drop it to 7-8 if pts were needed.

On my mages, i'd rather not comment, since a SoM games is so weird when it comes to magic... I'm not sold on grut's sickle in a lvl2. I'll have to test it in normal game, but it just felt a bit too complicated for me (remembering that 2d6 roll at the end of the turn it was used is just too easy to forget when things goes wrong, or when you see something very important to do in next phase, at least to me.)

Hellheart was never used in both game, simply because my mage was too far. I'll have to try that one again in normal game too, because i think it can definately be a game turner... but for 50 pts, it has to turn the right side.

I'm hoping to be able to test either Mournfang or Stonehorn on our next tournament on sept. 17th. It's nothing big (usually 6-8 players), but should at least give me an idea of what to expect from those 2 units. My tyrant is sadly retiring until we start playing 3000 pts games again.

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