Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Too much time on my hand, or working far away from home, and my toys.

I'm spending another week away from home, away from my wife, my kids and my warhammer crack. It's the second time in 3 week this happens, and should happen once more before november. It definately slow down my building process, but there's still at least one good news ; a big order is on the way, left the warehouse yesterday, and i'm hoping to have lots of work to do when i get home on saturday. I ordered ;

1 thundertusk (yes, i could have magnetized both, but i like to have the ability to use both when i play big game, and to paint each one differently.)
2 Ironblaster (they proven to be worth it, even if its just to shoot down opponent cannon)
1 Firebelly (such a nice model, and the best Hellheart carrier imho)
1 Golgfag (I love the model. No plan on ever using him as Golgfag, and there's really little reason to go for a tyrant, so he might just be a model i build and forget about).
2 Mournfang cavalry (i already have 2, so upping the number to 6 seems like a good idea. Will i ever use all 6? i dont know, but i might try it a few time, maybe i'll even try 2 unit of 3 (or 4...)).

A pretty big order that is gonna involve alot of painting (especially since most of it will be required for out big tournament in March). I'm still trying to decide on what i'll do with my army. Will i just paint them the best i can? Will i try to give them a little something, to boost my conversion score?

I'd really like to make a "Army on parade" style of army. Something that works really well together, that is themed, and that is impressive... i got a few idea, but most of them i have no clue how to achieve. It's an exiting moment in the process of building up an army, when all the possibility are there, and no door are closed. So i want to make the most out of it, and make something that people go wow over.I think i have the talent to pull it, but time and motivation might be a problem.

Here's a list i'm thinking (2500 pts)

Slaughtermaster 385 pts
lvl 4 Wizard
Fencers Blade
Crown of Command
Dispel Scroll
Dragonbane Gem

light on defense, counting on his WS10 and his T5. He's the type of General i'll just put in a corner with make way, to force a few RnF to try to hit him. If i'm lucky and get regen spell, he's a beast, with 2+ against fire, and 4+ from Regen.

Bruiser 189 pts
Heavy Armor + Ironfist
Talisman of Preservation
Ironcurse Icon

4+/4++, a pretty solid build for a BSB. He goes in front, and soak up any RnF attacks too.

Firebelly 170 pts
Hell Heart

Going into a Ironguts unit where there's regen, his main goal is really to get into the front, and pop hellheart. Anything else he manage to do is just icing on the cake.

9 Ironguts 437 pts
Full Command
Look out Gnoblar
Standard of Discipline

Obviously, this is my SM/BSB carrier. They'll be deployed in 3x3, with character on the second rank. It's going to be a very big and very expensive unit, but with Crown of command, Ironcurse, and 5 bodies needing to die before i lose my LoS, i think its a pretty solid bodyguard unit... and hey, they're S6.

9 Ogres 313 pts
Standard Bearer
Look out Gnoblar

Flanking unit. Basically, they stay a big behind, and go for anything trying to attack from the sides.

4 Mournfang Cavalry 350 pts
Full Command
Heavy Armor
Dragonhide Banner

the hammer, and the anvil. at 350 pts, they can do an amazing amount of damage and come out pristine. they're not safe from big monster and such, but should be able to keep opponent on their toe when it comes to getting near them.

2x1 Sabertusk 42 pts

on each flank, they are basically used as fast cav ; they annoy, they block unit, and basically, they slow down 2 unit for at least a turn or two. If i'm lucky, they may even get to kill a warmachine, or an annoying unit like Harpies or Eagle.

2xIronblaster 340 pts

Anti-cannon, Anti-big beast, Anti-heavy cavalry, they are a requirement, and i would never leave home without at least 2 of them. I'm counting on at least 2 solid round of shooting before they get a double charge on anything annoying enough to deserve 2 chariot charge.

1 Stonehorn 250 pts

The only thing i'm not 100% sure about. He's nice on paper, and pretty solid, but for the same price, i could get 2 scraplauncher (and be called a gunline). The stonehorn brings very little that nothing else can do, and Thundertusk might be considered as an alternative too.

So here's my list, or at least what i'm planning to bring for now. From that list, i need to paint ; a Firebelly, 4 Cavalry, 1 Stonehorn and 2 Ironblaster. If i ever finish it all, i'd consider repainting a Slaughtermaster. And if i ever finish the SM too, i'd plan on repainting my core slowly, or maybe finding some room for a unit or 2 of Gnoblar+Trapper.

Should start posting picture of WIP next week at the latest, since i really want to get into painting again.

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