Monday, 12 December 2011

Ogres FAQ is out. Review

So, an early christmas present from Games Workshop, finally a FAQ for our beloved army book. I'll be quite frank with you, i wasn't expecting much out of it gamewise, as i was playing with common sense instead of interpreting rules to our advantage. For example, i wasnt giving my Slaughtermaster armor, because i didnt want to have to modify my list if the FAQ ruled against it. Same goes for Ironblaster Stand and Shoot, and, well, pretty much every gray area of our book.

Link to FAQ


2 very big change imho.

First, Runemaw finally ruled that it does not bounce our buff spells, making it a really interesting choice for a BSB. Would i change my defensive BSB to get that banner? not entirely sure.

Second big change, Slaughtermaster now allowed to take Great Weapons. This gives us a chance to get another heavy hitter in our list. My usual build of Fencer's blade might be jeopardized because of this.


Many big things here..

- Slaughtermaster allowed magical armor. This means our SM can now wear Fencer's blade + Glittering Scale, for the return of the unhittable General.

- Confirmation that Numbing Chill affect models, and not units. I always played it that way, and i have to say i kinda hate the fact they ruled it that way. It slows considerably the flows of the game.

- Greedy Fist affecting ranged attack. Another big one, considering spells could be counted as ranged attacks. Death now seems like a very nice choice to get ride of opposing caster.

- BSB can now take Big Name, even with a magical banner. Ok, big name are pretty much useless now, but for a second ranked BSB with a Great Weapon, giving him a +1 STR sound like a nice Monster killer.

Final Thoughs

Pretty happy with the FAQ, even if i think SM with armor, and greedy fist is kind of too much. Our book is already pretty strong, giving it any more buff could/would turn them into a powerhouse, which i don't really want to see happens. I was happy when i was the only Ogre players around... doesnt look like it'll happen again anytime soon.

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