Monday, 12 December 2011

Mournfang and Thundertusk update

A pretty eventful last few days. First, my wife gave birth to our third daughter, Ophélie, weighting 9 pounds and 1 oz, thursday at 2am.

So i am now officially on "vacation" until January 9th.

I had a few hours of sleepless night to continue working on my Ogres, and made some significant progress on all my new models.

First, i worked on my thundertusk's fur, leather and horns.I'm still in a very early learning process with my airbrush, so nothing is really easy, or done on first try, so everything takes even longer than usual. I went for a look i didnt really consider at first. I wanted a frosty look, with blue hue on the fur and whatnot. Instead, i went for a very dirt-like palette, with some strong brown and such. It's still pretty far from complete, but i have to say that i'm about 80% happy with its look.

Whats left ;
- Finish his grey flesh. I want to add some pink to it. So it won't be as gray. I might go as far as to try to mimic muscle.
- Finish his metal plating all around. I'm still unsure how i'll do metal on my new models, so its the main reason i didnt start it yet. The shield on each shoulder are pretty much complete, but i painted them in a way i couldnt achieve with a brush.
- Finish his face. Still unsure what color to go for. I'm thinking something gray and slightly pink, like his wounds, but i'm not 100% sure yet.
- Paint the ogres. Obviously, the mounted ogres are not done, or even started yet. I'm still questionning myself if i want to change my skin color or not. Will most likely not (since my firebelly is already painted the same color as my old models), but there's still alot of question marks around them.

Second, my mournfang. I tried something different with them and still not entirely sure how much i like it. I went for a dark underside, as if it was in the shadow, but it ended up just looking like different fur color around the body, which is fine with me. With a white highlight, the fur really looks different, and depending on how i pull the rest of the models, it should be a pretty nice looking unit.

What's left ;
- Finish the leather. It only has the basecoat. Still undecided how to do it. I really liked how i did my thundertusk, but i tried something different on another piece, and i really enjoyed the look.
- Paint the face and furless skin. Once again, unsure the color i'll be using. I'll probably approach it and it's face like the Thundertusk's.
- Paint the teeth. Still undecided how i'll approach them. I'm thinking of avoiding painting them like my thundertusk's horn, since, well, they're teeth.

And the duo.

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