Friday, 16 December 2011

Mournfang and Thundertusk update #2

I did some more work on my thundertusk and my mournfangs. Basically what i did was paint the skin and the furless body part (for lack of better term). I wanted to go for a very weird choice, and i really don't know why ; going from Codex grey, up to some sort of pink. I'm pretty happy with the result, the gray basecoat really give the shadows a nice touch, at least i think, and makes everything pop.

First, the Thundertusk's face ;
I'm very happy with how it came out. I think there's alot of depth to the skin color. I know about the white overspray on his horn, but when i noticed it, it was too late to clean it up, and i really just dont want to redo them again. On this picture, you c an also see the airbrush work i did on the horn and his shoulder defense. It's nothing professional, but i think it shows i'm going in the right direction.

Next, thundertusk's body ;
I went with the same color, trying to highlight what the light would hit, while keeping as much grey as possible. It worked out ok, agains imho.

Mournfang's face ;
I wouldnt consider it completely done, but it shows at least what the skin color will be like.. On him, i think it is a bit too dark, i should have highlighted more.

And Mournfang's body shot ;
It really stand out from the fur, but i think its a good thing. Still lots of work to do, but it's definately heading the right way, at least i hope.

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