Tuesday, 17 April 2012

On the Table for the remaining of the Year

Waaagh! A Savage and Chariot themed Orc Army.

I was reading a while ago about someonep playing Dark Elf with 5-6 chariot and was succesful. I figured, if a stinky pointy ears guy riding geckos, there's no reason Orcs riding all might Boar couldnt do it better.

So this is why i decided to try it out, and just see how successful this can be. There's obviously alot of limitation, since Chariots are special, and you can only take 3 in a 2500 pts army.But there's alot more in the book that can do similar role.

My list so far is something similar to this ;

Savage Orc Warboss
Savage Orc Great Shaman (for the Shrunken Head)
3 Night Goblin Shaman
Savage Orc Big Boss as BSB

30 Savage Orc Big 'Un
40 Night Goblin

3 Orc Boar Chariot
3x2 Troll

2 "Orc" Doom Diver Catapult
2 Pump Wagon
2 Mangler Squigs

Some could say that its not themed at all, since I got goblins, I got Orc, and I got just about any type of troops in the book. But I’m aiming for a themed based on the overall look of the army.

Another comment I’m expecting is that this list is not really any different than the usual Savage Big Un + Lucky Shrunken Head. It’s true, I’m going for another big bus approach, and that is about the best built possible. But there’s more to it. I’m not just dropping 2 big horde and going for the win. I’m adding small Trolls Unit, and, more importantly, I’m adding Orc Chariot.

The goal of this list is to try to dominate the magic phase with three Night Goblin caster casting small and meaningless spells on two dice to deplete my opponent dispel dice (either with the lore attribute, or with plain dispel attempt) , and following with my Savage Great Shaman’s more important spell. The Forbidden Rod is there to make sure I get an important magic phase off when I need to, even if the caster has to die in the process.

I also aim to try and negate any high armor unit on the table with Doom Diver and Troll Vomit. It’s a pretty high risk, but my army relative low strength really force me to invest in that.

Lastly, I have 3 chariot, 2 Pump wagon, 2 squig manglers and 3 fanatics. That’s a lot of random movement, but its also a lot of impact hit that I can deal through the game.

Alot of challenge ahead of me. And no real fixed date to complete it. I do not think i'll get that army ready for next year ND Open (i still got my Ogres after all), but its something i'd like to get moving.

White Sun Kabal.

With the 6th edition around the corner, its hard to find motivation to paint or play, since i have no clue what will and will not work, and despite spending alot on GW's models, i do not want to waste money on useless units. I'm still aiming for a 1750 pts list, heavily based on shooting and fast moving troops.

The list is something like this ;

Baron Sathonyx

5 Incubi in Raider

8 Wych in Raider
12 Hellions
4x5 Warrios in Venom

5 Scourges with Dark Lance

1 Talos Engine
2 Ravager

10 Dark Lance, a whole lot of anti-infantry shooting, and a unit of Hellion that can take on alot of thing, and especially survive to shooting pretty effectively. The question is how this tactic be affected in 6th ed. No matter what, i really like the Hellion models, so there's very little reason to change the list to much.

Talos is really just there because its one of the best looking model imho, and i can't wait to start painting it up. I'm sure a rusted one is gonna be awesome on the table.

Not looking for much conversion on this army, except a strong theme that will show in both model and base painting. They will be rusty, and there will be a story to explains it.

I already have an Haemonculus that should be posted within the next few days since its almost completed.

So this is what is on the table so far, Painting should resume hopefullysoon, after a hiatus well over a month long.

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