Monday, 19 March 2012

1500 pts friendly tournament

This past weekend was a friendly 1500 pts 3 games "tournament" held at our local store. The restriction was no lord nor special character.

I decided to try something new ; no mage, Gutmaw banner, Gorger and Scouting maneater. I even fielded a small unit of 3 Yhetees, just for kick (also because i was feeling a bit cheap about bringing 2 unit of mournfang in a 1500 pts tournament....)

So here's my list ;
Bruiser (BSB)
Gutmaw's banner
Heavy Armor and Ironfist

Bruiser (General)
Talisman of Preservation
Heavy Armor and Ironfist

8 Ogres
Full Command

13 Gnoblar

14 Gnoblar

3 Mournfang
Heavy Armor and Ironfist
Full Command
Flaming Banner

3 Yhetees

3 Maneaters
2x Extra Hand Weapon
1x Great Weapon
Heavy Armor
Musician, Banner
Gleaming Pendant

1 Sabertusk

1 Sabertusk

1 Sabertusk

Game #1 ;

First game for the day was against a lizardman army.

With the 1500 pts restriction, alot of people either went without a BSB, or without a General with good Ld to be able to field a lvl1 or a lvl2 caster... This was the case with his list.

Lizardman from memories ;

1 skink lvl2 Heaven caster, in a unit of 10 or 12 skirmished shooter.

1 BSB on cold one, in a unit of 6 cold one.

30 or so Saurus

2 salamander

10 or so Scout chameleon.

Game was pretty odd. My yhetees tried to go around a building, and never managed to do anything. My Mournfangs managed to whipe the entire Cold One unit with impact hit only, just to be mauled down by his BSB, with a 1+ AS rerollable, and Great Weapon.

His Saurus did die pretty quickly from all my Bulls attack (and the fact that i was 3 rank deep, removing his steadfast). Impact hit and stomp did a great job there, because i couldnt hit them.

In the end, his BSB finally died to combat rez vs my bulls. I won the game, having lost only my unit of mournfang. 25-0

Thoughs ;

Gorger : Completely forgot him until turn 4 or so. so he was useless.
Maneaters ; Scout is good, but even at small points games, with room to deploy them, they still manage to do close to nothing.
Yhetees ; Trying to use them like fast cavalry didnt work at all....
Gutmaw ; gutmaw was useful, redirecting signature spell to another unit. Since everything is packed close to each other, he's gonna be able to put it on a different unit anyway, and i'm sure after awhile, a general would just target another unit, turning that quite naked BSB into a useless 200 pts character.
No mage ; At small game, it was ok. My opponent quite often didnt even use all his dice, scared to miscast.

Game #2 ;

Second game was against Orc&Goblin.

Scenario was a unit in reserve had to get to the middle for 15 pts (out of 25). Rest was VP. I selected my unit of Mournfang, while he selected his unit of 10 Spiderriders.

Orc & Goblin list ;

Savage Orc Shaman with Shruken head (5+ Wardsave paint) in a unit of 30 or so Savage orc Big 'un
1 unit of Goblin chariot
2 Orc Chariot
1 Arachnarok
10 Spider Riders

I started enjoying these 1500 pts game ; fast paced (especially for me with no shooting nor magic), and pretty easy to play.

The game was pretty quickly dealt with ; My Bulls charged his unit of Big 'un, with his Shaman dieing to my Bruiser before any other strike are dealt, removing his 5+ Wardsave, and turning a hard fought combat into an easy win.

My Mournfang ended up being charged by his Spider Riders (thanks to anymosity), giving me the 15 pts on a plate. Rest of the game was basically avoiding his Arachnarok and his Chariot. result : 20-5 (I ended up winning by close to 200 pts, but wasnt enough to get a win through VP).

Thoughs ;

Gorger ; This time, i didnt forget him, but it was close. Though about him on turn 3, where he came on board. He didnt kill anything, but he was a good insurance police to make sure his spider riders run out of the board, or die trying.
Maneaters ; I can't even say they did anything good, since i can't remember what they did.
Yhetees ; They ended up trying to charge a unit of chariot on a very long charge, and failing, dieing in return to 13 impact hits.
Gutmaw ; useless. Orcs&Goblins dont have that many hex anyway.
No mage ; he had 3 or 4 spell, but it was all about letting alot more through than usual.

Game #3 ;

Third game was against Orc&Goblin again.

Scenario was VP, with random deployment like in the rulebook.

Orc & Goblin list ;

6 Trolls
General in a unit of 25 or so Black Orc
BSB (great weapon and good AS) + Mage in a unit of 30 or so Orc Big 'Un
2 unit of wolf rider
2 Chariot

I managed to lock his troll in combat for 2 turn, which was enough to allow me to deal with the rest of his army (through redirector, and sheer luck). My Mournfang managed to hold his Big 'Un for much, much longer than they should, with alot of very luck roll. My Bulls ended up finishing them and his Black Orc by games end. result was 17-8.

Thoughs ;

Gorger ; Locked a Chariot in combat. not sure it was a game changer (especially for a 90 pts unit), but it did help.
Maneaters ; Locked the troll in combat... its good, but definately not great. I'd need to either increase the unit size, or find a way to use them more efficiently.
Yhetees ; a threat, nothing else.
Gutmaw ; was useless in this game. The only spell he casted on my unit was Foot of Gork (or Mork), and i can't redirect those.
No mage ; had to let 2 Foot pass, which annoyed me (the upgraded version is pretty scary).

End result ; ended 1st out of 6 players. But more importantly, i had the chance to test out some units i usually never use, and start thinking about my next 2500 pts list.

Final Thoughs ;

Gorger ; I think he still has his use. When you free up enough points for 2, i'm sure it can be very annoying for your opponent. One of the best thing about him i think his rear charging a unit of Orcs, surviving, then getting another unit in cc with them, removing their bonus for first round. Or just locking any unit in cc behind the line. There's nothing else that can do it better than the gorger. All i have to keep in mind is reminding myself to roll him at the start of the turn....

Maneaters ; 3 is not enough. It can deal with small unit, but they quickly become useless. I'll try to bump up their number to 4 or 5.

Yhetees ; in smaller unit, there isnt really much easy target for them (at least in the 3 games i played). Their flammability wasnt an issue, but their combat ability wasnt really useful either. I tried them before and didnt like them. Not sure i'll play them again.

Gutmaw ; I think there's no other choice but to take it when you play without magic defense. There's so many spell you can't afford to let pass that you have to have it if even a dispel scroll is not an option. I was lucky no opponent had powerful spell sunday, and i'm pretty sure that luck wouldnt follow me in 2500 pts games.

No mage ; it wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt for the fact that you actually cannot have even a dispel scroll. I think in larger game a lvl1 would be required, just to carry one. is a lvl4 required to dispel? not really, but you gotta take some risk.

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