Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tale of Painters 2012 ; Haemonculus Completed

For 2012's summer, our local store is organizing a Tale of Painter for both Fantasy and 40k. With my Ogres pretty much completed, and my Orcs on an un-rushable hiatus, i decided to dust off my Dark Eldar and finally get ready for 40k.

Basically, the Tale of Painter is about painting as much in a category that we wants ;
April : Hero/Lord or HQ
May and June : Core or Troop
July : Special/Rare or Elite/Fast Attacks/Heavy Support

For April, i started it slow, with just One Haemonculus completed for the whole month. I didn't really quite feel like painting, so it was alot harder than it usually is. I still managed to completed him, and i have to say i'm pretty happy about the result.

First thing first, i tried alot of new medium for the first time (may not be the best thing to do with a HQ, but what can you do...) ; Rust Pigment and Blood/ooze from glue. So neither is perfect, but i think it still gives a nice little touch to the model.

The weapon has just a tiny bit of metalic paint on the noozle that i attempted to verdigris into not-so-metalic-anymore.

The skin color is blue. Maybe a bit more blue that i wanted (i think my initial idea was a much whiter blue), but it is still light enough to avoid the Smurf's syndrome.

The "armor" is rusted. Alot. At first i attempted the whole foam approach, but it didnt work at all, so i went with pigment. It did end up alot more rusted than i was expecting, but it works with the army's background.

The base is pretty simple and i'm not actually sure why i picked that one for a HQ, but its still the color i was aiming to use, with about the rust level i was expecting. My next one should have a bit more garbage/rusted chunk added to them.

The cloth's color is pretty much spot on what i wanted. I decided to add a bit of freehand to the robe, because it was a bit bland without it. It's pretty much my first attempt at freehand, so it's far from perfect, but still look good enough from a distance and up close.

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