Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tale of Painters ; Warriors units Part 2

I've spent a few hours each night painting up my warriors ; learning new medium like pigment proven to be a lot more challenging than expected.

So far I rusted them up, realized they were now a lot more orange than white, and repainted the edge white. It’s an OK look, given that it made a pretty random pattern on the model so it does look natural… On another hand, it doesn’t look like rust at all anymore imho. I’m open to idea on what to do to improve them (or what to do differently with my next 3 units). It’s still ok though ; once the unarmoured white will be fixed up, and some paint added to the model (the infamous purple cloth), I think it will look okay. But okay isn’t satisfying.

Next up is my Venom. He also faced a new medium, namely the “masking-rubber”. I had read about it, but never really found a use for it. After wasting 2 old brushes learning that it dry in a way that no brush can survive, I managed to complete my Venom, paint it over in white, and remove the masking rubber. The result is very satisfying, and I think is a great improvement over the salt technique when using on big models. There’s still a lot more work to do on him, but I think with 5-6 more hours, he should at least be finished, minus the crew member sitting on top.

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