Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tale of Painters ; Warriors units Part 3

Well, it's been a pretty productive month so far. I have to say i learned alot (especially about what not to do with pigments), and the result is my first finished warrior unit.

I'm pretty happy with the result, even if they are still a bit too rusted, and the base are, i dunno, weird. I think the color scheme is perfect, i just need to work a bit more on how i render it.

For the record, my picture taking ability didnt improve a single bit.

First, my complete unit and its transport.
Quite frankly, i still love the look... the bright white and the very rusty part does a great contrast imho, even if some might consider it looking unfinished.

I'm very happy on how that Venom turned out. The rust is perfect (again, imho), and the little detail i added really helps the overall look.

The engine fume and the blue "glow" are little detail that helped give some character to a relatively plain paint job. Also added some bloody "fang" on the under carriage, and some blue on the air duct.

Obviously, with each attempt, there's some chance to fail.... let me present you, mister dirty boots.

I wanted to have their boots look dirty, but ended up looking like they just... i dont know... it just definately doesnt look "just" dirty.

Sadly, i often did them 2 at a time... so here's mister dirty boots #2.

And the rest of the crew

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