Sunday, 26 May 2013

Grey Knight.... wait.... what?

So yes, i decided to go with Grey Knight as my new army. Though long and hard about starting a new fantasy army for the next big tournament next year, but decided against it for two reason ;

I like to play, and 40k give me more opportunity to play.
I like 40k, but the Dark Eldar were feeling a bit... boring (ok, on go, we shoot everything at ennemy, and hope that we have enough left after his shooting to shoot again!).

Terminator armor is unknown to me.
Psychic power is unknown to me.
Deep Strike is unknown to me.

With this army, i get it all! And just like my Ogres, i don't need to paint that many model to get a complete army (at 1500 pts, all i need is roughly 10 Terminator, 2 HQ and 2 Dreadnought).

So i purchased ;
2x5 Terminator
2x Contemptor from Forgeworld + 4x Twin Linked Autocannon.

All i'm missing is a few more terminator (2 boxes i guess, since i need 4 psycannon) and maybe a Dreadknight.

As usual, my progress is slow. Very slow.

3 halberd, 1 sword, 1 hammer

I decided to go for a pink look on them. At first i was considering painting their army white with a pink shade, but decided instead to go more standard, with details (like shoulder armor, and ranged weapon) purple/pink. I also decided to try something i never did before ; NMM gold.

I had an extra arm i wanted to try and convert (and also try and make a psycannon). So i picked up my brush, found some color recommendation, and tried it. The result isnt too bad (obviously far from perfect, didnt even get my wet palet out to try it), but from a good distance, i think it's gonna look pretty sweet.

Next up is trying to figure out how to paint their armor. I don't want to go the metalic route (especially if i'm trying NMM gold).

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