Friday, 24 May 2013

Daemon Prince ; Bite off more than i can chew?

Sometimes, i have ideas.
Sometimes, they are even good ideas.
Sometimes, i also try to make them a reality.
Sometimes, it works.
Sometimes, it doesn't.

Right now, i'm not 100% sure where my Daemon Prince stand in the "works" or the "doesn't works" column. I had great plan ; From a terrorgheist, building a unique Daemon Prince out of bits and green stuff.

Right now, i'm about 10% into the project, and i'm just not sure if i'll be able to finish it.

Done ;
Building the body.
Lets face it, building it was pretty easy. It's basically just taking the terrorgheist box and building it minus the wings. I did reposition him so he's more standing up than crouching, but that's about it.
Hoofing his feet.
The terrorgheist have some kind of 3 tips feet that feels more like a bird than a daemons, so i figured that giving him giant's cloved feet would be perfect. The seams are rough, but they'll be covered in pustule or other type of disease (like most of his body).

Not Done ;
Fixing his head.
I struck that head on his neck because it was pretty much the only head that could easily fit there. My goal is to cut off his nose and his front jaw, and either reposition it to be more "human", or building it from scratch.

Fatting him up.
I started his belly, and realized that he'll have to be, much, much fatter to fit with the ribcage. It's okay, i think i can do it.

Covering up his skeleton.
Obviously, his ribcage will be covered in skins, but with enough hole to see inside. His spine will also be covered in part, poking here and there.

Shortening his tail.
Right now, he can't stand up correctly because his tail is too long, and its dragging on the table. It's also way too long for my enjoyment. In my mind, Nurgle wouldnt have a tail like that. It's gonna be like a human coccyx, maybe a little longer.

Still have no arm for him. My idea is to go for a big giant blade holding arms, maybe a DP's. the other one will be based on Lord of the Rings Orcs that had a side bloated, with fingers glued together by the disease. Some strapping to add to the "eww", and it should look Nurgle' servant enough.

Pus, Rot, Pustule!
Obviously, once everything will be done, i'll need to cover his body with the mark of Nurgle. This should help me cover up mistakes, seams, and odd fit.

So in the middle of it all, it's hard to find the motivation, especially without deadline. But its one of the last thing i have to complete my nurgle army (the other being my soulgrinder).

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