Monday, 27 May 2013

Grey Knights : The armor - a Test.

Tonight i decided to give a go at testing my armor painting scheme. Since i want to use purple, and as little color as possible, i figured i could try shading a bit with purple.

The result so far isnt so bad imho.

The writing isnt finished by any means, i only started on the base color, to give a rough idea on how those 2 would work together.

The idea is to shade it even more (maybe adding another color to the mixt, not sure yet), and highlight it closer to white. To achieve both, i'll obviously will have to keep on shading more and more of the gray, so there is close to none left... Or i might keep it that way, still undecided.

Side shot of that lovely purple!

I achieved a pretty nice transition imho on the breastplate, but there's still alot left to do to look even remotely tabletop standard.

As you can see on that one, gray was used before the purple to shade it. Not sure if it was the right way to do it, but there's definately alot of fixing up to be perfect.

So here's my first Pinknight test model

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